How to care for your leather shoes

Posted on July 14 2021

As a flight attendant and lover of Italian leather shoes, Founder of Louise M shoes, Louise Matson, learned that caring for leather shoes is important. The leather is nourished keeping them soft and looking like new. Simple cleaning steps will ensure longer lasting and enjoyable wear of your leather shoes.

Please note that the below tips relate to leather shoes only and are not recommended for suede or manmade synthetic materials.

If you take care of your leather shoes not only will they look like new for longer but the leather will remain soft and supple, and you will save money as they will not need replacing as regularly as inferior quality shoes. 

Depending on how often shoes are worn leather shoes can last for years if well looked after. For airline cabin crew it is recommended to replace shoes every year as shoes will be worn daily for long hours. Replacing shoes annually, ensures the support needed is present and your shoes look as professional as the company uniform.

It is not necessary to fastidiously clean and polish shoes after every wear, however to keep them in good condition as well as soft and supple, it is recommended that you clean your shoes about once a month, if wearing them every day or when they are looking dull.

So to begin, there are four simple steps to looking after leather shoes:

  1. Remove surface dust
  2. Clean Polish and Protect 
  3. Shine
  4. Wet Weather Protection

1. How to remove surface dust from leather shoes

Begin the process by giving shoes a wipe over with a soft clean cloth to remove any loose dirt and grime on the surface of the leather. Avoid using a very wet cloth and DO NOT use Spray and Wipe or other household cleaners as these will dry out the leather and permanently damage the leather. 

2. How to clean, polish and protect leather shoes

Now that the surface dirt has been removed, it is necessary to clean, polish and protect the leather. Ensure shoe care products are specifically for leather shoes, this information will be clearly written on the packaging. Cleaners come in gel, foam, cream and liquid form however it is recommended 'protector shoe creams' are used on 'Louise M' shoes.

French brand Waproo, or German brand Collonil shoe care products are excellent.

Most cleaners come with an applicator top or in a small glass jar. Give shoes a once over with polish using the soft sponge or clean soft cloth.  The leather will soak up what it needs, then the shoes will be ready to shine.

3. How to shine your leather shoes

To shine your shoes, buff the leather with a microfibre cloth or similar. You will see your shoes come to life again and look almost brand new.

4. How to protect your leather shoes in wet conditions

If shoes are going to be worn in wet weather conditions, a protector is recommended.  A water-repellant such as Collonil Carbon Pro spray will protect your leather from water damage. A spray from time to time is all that is needed to maintain protection.

Follow the above recommendations and shoes will not only last longer but will always look like new, even after many wears.

Other shoe care tips you might like to consider are:

  • Use shoe boxes when storing shoes in the wardrobe and shoe bags when travelling.
  • Visit the shoe repair shop every so often for new heel protectors or outsoles. Don’t leave it until shoes are nearly damaged beyond repair. This is particularly common with the top lift (the rubber component that touches the ground when walking), replace this so as to not damage the leather covering the heel piece.
  • When driving, slip off shoes to protect the heels. 
  • When shoes are not being worn and placed in the wardrobe, consider placing tissue paper or shoe stoppers to keep the shoes in good shape.

If you take the time to look after leather shoes correctly, your feet will also be looked after.

See the collection of Louise M leather cabin crew shoes, made in Italy for cabin crew and corporate women.

Louise Matson, Founder of cabin crew and corporate women's shoe brand Louise M in the factory in Italy.

What clients say;

"Love these Shoes"
Your shoes further reiterate the Cinderella theory that a pair of shoes can change your life. I love wearing them and my feet are better off for it."
Angela S.

"Incredibly Comfortable"
I have worn these shoes for a week so far and have not had a single blister or sore from them. They don't really require any breaking in at all - they're so comfortable and fit perfectly to the shape of your foot. So glad I purchased them! 
Jacki W.

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