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  • The most comfortable corporate women shoes on this planet!

    Lyn Hawkins, Business Women Australia, Perth WA
  • I love these shoes, they are simply beautiful and fit perfectly. I have never put on such comfortable heels. Thank you so much! Next up will be some flats you will be hearing from me again soon!

    Georgy J
  • Your shoes further reiterate the Cinderella theory that a pair of shoes can change your life. I love wearing them and my feet are better off for it.

    Anglea S, Queensland Australia
  • A game changer. I’ve never looked forward to putting heels on before. Ever.

    Carmen Braidwood. TV presenter, Radio host, Media Trainer. Perth Australia
  • Just as described. Beautiful soft leather, cushioned soles and fit nicely. The Louise M shoes were exactly as described on the website. Thank you.

    Jacqueline B, Victoria Australia
  • These shoes are the best! I am a nurse and on my feel all day. These shoes are the best!

    Deborah Grover, NSW Australia
  • Love my new work shoes. Being on your feet all day as cabin crew can be hard, my new Louise M’s are great, so happy with my purchase.

    Jo J. Australia.
  • Incredibly comfortable. I have worn these shoes for a week so far and have not had a single blister or sore from them. They don’t really require any breaking in at all – they’re so comfortable and fit perfectly to the shape of your foot. So glad I purchased them! Thank you Louise!

    Jakki Ward
  • Love my shoes!  I love my shoes so
    comfortable! I received my order withing 3 days, very impressive indeed. This is my second pair and will continue to order more when I need them. Thank you Louise M.

    Gillian Littlefair
  • Very impressed! The shoes are very comfortable, all my interactions with Louise were prompt and professional. Thank you so much.

    Stephanie Sedgwick
  • First pair of Louise M’s. I could not believe I was able to wear for the first time for a whole day! Incredible and thank you Louise M.

    Paula Rodgers, Perth Australia
  • Love the shoes! Like all my purchases from Louise M these shoes do not disappoint.
    They are gorgeous, elegant, and (most importantly) very comfortable. Love, love, love!!!

    Katie H, Perth Australia
  • I am in the US Air Force and I love them. I just received my shoes and I love them! I am in the Air Force and after 27 years of service I have found a great pair of shoes! I am so glad I found you. Thank you so much!

    Patty Patton, US Air Force
  • New shoes. Wonderful. I was so excited when they arrived. Have been waiting for a long time for a smart pair of court shoes and now I have them.

    Sarah M, South Australia
  • Love my new work shoes. Thanks Louise, I am loving my new shoes. They are the perfect height for work and super comfortable.

    Jennifer T, Western Australia
  • These shoes are AMAZING! Thank you so much for the help, the shoes are amazing!

  • Love these shoes. Gorgeous shoes – very chic – took a few wears to truly break them in, but now they are very comfortable and look fabulous.

    Katie H, Perth Australia
  • Everyone should own a pair of Louise M shoes. Thank you Louise for the most friendly and positive experience on buying shoes online. Your professional service adds a special touch to your beautiful shoes. Your shoes are amazing, well styled and made, beautiful leather and beautifully presented when they arrived.

    Anna Zaharakis Papagianopoulos
  • 12 hours in these beauties day one wearing. 6 years wearing Louise M shoes. Thank you for yet another gorgeous all day work heel.

    Brianna B, Virgin Airlines Cabin Crew
  • So comfortable, thank you.

    Anne Marie, NSW Australia
  • They were the best investment and my feet have thanked me. When I bought my first pair I realised they were the best investment and my feet have thanked me every time I wear my Louise M shoes.

    Leanne O’Dea Perth Western Australia
  • Love my shoes on St George’s Terrace Perth. I walk happily over the footpaths, through the rain and wind. My toes are happy little chappies.

    Ally Berry, Perth Australia
  • Simply like walking on clouds. From the very first step of my 12 hour shift in my Louise M Cabin Crew shoes it was simply like walking on clouds. Thank you Louise, absolutely love my two pair of shoes.

    Addy Bell, Air North Cabin Crew, Australia
  • What a totally wonderful experience I have had. The shoes are perfect fit – I am absolutely thrilled with them. They are a perfect fit, look lovely and are so comfortable.

    Susan Dodson, South Australia.
  • I am really happy with the block heels I purchased from you. They are so comfy and beautiful. I don’t even realise I’m wearing heels. Thank you so much. BEST SHOES EVER!!

    Britta Scott, Virgin Australia Cabin Crew.
  • I have been wearing the new heels for a couple of months now and I absolutely love them. Very comfortable all day in the air. I have the old pair as well but this new pair of block heel are amazing. So soft, and yet durable….fantastic

    Satoko Rayson
  • Amazingly comfortable! Been wearing Louise M shoes for the first time this week I have no
    blisters, rubbing and working as cabin crew we are always changing over to flat shoes during flight I haven’t had to with these! Thanks for such great service will definitely be recommending to crew.

    Laura Jones, Cabin Crew Perth Australia
  • I have been fortunate enough to have 2 wonderful pairs of shoes from Louise M. I wear my Louise M shoes almost every day to work, they are comfortable and smart
    looking. The service provided has been excellent and the whole process of establishing my correct shoe size was made easy by Louise. Thank you

    Franca Torcaso, Victoria Australia
  • Louise my shoes are wonderful to wear. They are comfortable and I can wear them all day long. They look professional and are perfect for my daily duties. Thanks for helping me choose the correct style for my flight attendant role.

    Mirjana, New South Wales Australia
  • Super comfortable and stylish, I am able to wear Louise M Block Heel for a long period of time. This is critical in my role as a Long Haul flight attendant as my job requires me to do an enormous amount of walking and standing for long

    Rosa Janz, Qantas International Cabin Crew
  • My shoes are perfection! I am so happy, thank you thank you thank you. After executing a 450 person Gala event and needing to dress for style, professionalism and practicality my Louise M shoes were perfection! So so good,
    I am so happy.

    Kelly Astury, Event Manager WA Ballet.
  • I absolutely love them! I will definitely be back for more.

    Lily M, Melbourne Australia
  • They are truly the  most incredible pair of shoes!

    Rochelle Adonis, NSW Australia
  • Highly recommend! I purchased the Louise M Block Heel and they are the perfect cabin crew shoe. So comfortable! AMAZING customer service too. Louise goes above and
    beyond for her customers.

    Janet Xerri, Virgin Australia cabin crew
  • After two 10 hour days flying back to back in your heels, I didn’t even need to touch my cabin flats! After 7 years of flying I have never found a heel so comfortable.

    Zarni Winter, Virgin Australia Cabin Crew
  • So comfortable and the quality is amazing! Had an amazing visit with Louise M shoes. 4 pairs of leather shoes… so comfortable and the quality is amazing!!!

    Andrea Morgan, Stockbroker Perth Australia.
  • Thank you!! My Louise M shoes are more comfortable than my runners.

    Angelica. Perth Western Australia
  • I wore my Louise M shoes out last night! Gorgeous!

    Jacinta McMahon. Director of Learning Fundamentals. Melbourne Australia
  • Wonderful service and extremely comfortable shoes.

    Maris Azzi, General Manager, Victoria Australia
  • The first order of shoes were so fabulous I have not wanted to wear any others, and given I travel for business and am on my feet for 10 hours a day this is a problem. Plus I am also expected to look well groomed and polished, so comfortable shoes are not always elegant. Thus this second order. Expect

    Karen, Essendon Victoria Australia
  • I absolutely LOVE my Louise M flats, so comfortable!!

    Myia Cleggett, Mind Motivation Coaching Australia
  • Love love love my Louise M shoes

    Angelica Porecca, Perth Australia
  • The Louise M Classic Flats are perfect! They are exactly what I was dreaming of! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but they are dream shoes! Unless I go searching
    Italy and Germany for shoes myself, my future business in crew shoes will always be with you.

    Kayce, America Airlines
  • How many is too many!! Seven pairs in size colours and three styles – clearly love Louise M shoes and these did not disappoint. Stunning colour and always outstanding service. Now to think about pair eight!!

    Lea B, Victoria Australia 10,000 Steps in Heels. Naomi Simson, NSW Australia
  • I bought these as a gift for my wife and she loves them. Very stylish and she tells me that they are super comfortable too

    Kevin B, NSW Australia
  • Love my Louise M shoes especially the red ones! They will be getting a run for Mother’s Day High Tea tomorrow!

    Lea B, Melbourne Australia
  • Once again, I have purchased the most amazing pair of shoes from Louise M. From the moment I put them on my feet, they were simply perfect and I felt as though I could wear them for days on end… and that is exactly what I have done. The Louise M High Heel are now my new “flats” I no longer need to change to cabin crew shoes once I am on the aircraft, and I can also walk through security without the beep… an extra bonus. Thanks again Louise. J

    Kathryn D, Virgin Australia Cabin Crew shoes

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