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From an early age I have loved shoes. Not all shoes, for me it was always about how I felt when I slipped them on. You know the feeling you get when you put on that new dress and you know you look absolutely fabulous in it. They feel perfect.

I have always had a passion for Italian leather shoes. I love the story behind Italian fashion houses, the designers, the focus they have on the materials, the testing and craftsmanship that goes into every pair.

The idea of handmade shoes tells you time is taken to produce them. I love the care, the passion, and attention to detail that goes into it.

During my career as a flight attendant, which spanned close to 17 years, I always wore Italian made leather shoes. I loved the feeling of confidence that I had when wearing them. I knew I could rely on them to care of my feet when I had to wear them for long periods of time.

Finding those shoes was never an easy feat! So when I started Louise M shoes I wanted to make it really simple and enjoyable for women to find a shoe that was feminine, fashionable and functional without being ugly, something you could wear for work.

Of course shoes that meet uniform guidelines are not always the same as shoes you would wear at home, or for a night out. But in my experience many shoe retailers stock either impractical fashion shoes that are not suitable for a corporate environment (or aircraft) or those ‘not so attractive’ comfortable shoes.

So that is how Louise M shoes was born. To help women like me who need a stylish shoe you can rely on for long hours. 

I started by travelling to Europe twice a year to attend shoe fairs and hand select shoes and the latest designs to form a collection. Through this process I found a wonderful Italian manufacturer to develop my very own brand 'Louise M' and now work directly with the Italian factory to ensure our shoes meet the needs of our customers. 

My aim was to develop a superior shoe that women will love to wear. I am very proud that women enjoy putting on their shoes rather than dread a day in heels. I love that genuine excitement they have for the shoes. When I receive lovely messages from happy clients it reinforces why I started this in the first place. It is nice to be able to make a difference, they actually say I have changed their life.

It really is a joy connecting with women on a daily basis. It is not only cabin crew that I communicate with but women from many professions including doctors, podiatrists, lawyers, accountants, university lecturers, restaurant/cafe owners, corporate managers, presenters, and teachers, as well as hotel front of house teams, and corporate office teams. I must add that family and friends enjoy wearing the shoes too!

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