12 Days To Christmas - With A Touch Of Shoe Style

Posted on December 12 2023

Louise M with Christmas present ideas for you

Here's a Christmas wish list for your 12 days to Christmas with a touch of shoe style:

  1. A Block 55: To add a touch of functionality to your festive attire, a dazzling Block Heel would be the perfect companion to your busy holiday season.
  2. Two Pairs of Patent: An elegant and shiny addition to any collection, Louise M patent leather shoes would be ideal for both casual and formal occasions.
  3. Three Soft Leather shoes: For comfort during long days, a trio of soft/nappa leather shoes to keep feet happy and you looking stylish. All Louise M shoes are made from nappa leather so you are spoilt for choice!
  4. Four Pointed Toes: A fashionable choice for any celebration, point toe styles bring a chic vibe to any festive ensemble. Try the Point Toe 80 with block heel, or pre order Louise M's Point Toe 80 slender heel in black or red.
  5. Five Almond Toes: Place a pair of classic almond shaped toes on the top of your wish list, offering a perfect blend of style and comfort for all festive celebrations. Stock of the High 70 is arriving from Italy in February and pre orders are being taken now!
  6. Six Square Toe wonders: For a modern and sleek look, a collection of square toe shoes would make a confident entrance wherever you go. The Block 55 and Block 75 are your square toe wonders and Louise M shoes best sellers!
  7. Seven Round Toe delights: A timeless and versatile addition to your wardrobe, round toe shoes would be perfect for both casual gatherings and formal occasions. Louise M Classic Flat is much loved by all!
  8. Eight High Heels strutting: To dance the night away at holiday parties, a selection of heels would make each step a statement. Louise M shoes have been proven on the dance floor so we know you will be able to dance the night away confidently.
  9. Nine Classic Flats: For those long days and casual outings, a variety of classic flats would be a delightful addition. Choose Louise M black or beige Classic Flats.
  10. Ten Red Shoes gleaming: To embrace the festive spirit, a vibrant red shoe would add a pop of colour and cheer to your holiday wardrobe. Louise M has bright red and you can pre order dark red, arriving February 2024. 
  11. Eleven Black Shoes gleaming: A staple in any collection, black shoes in various styles would ensure you are ready for any occasion, day or night. Louise M shoes is based on a collection of black leather shoes, and you are lucky we have many to choose from!
  12. Twelve Beige Shoes gleaming: To round off your list, a selection of beige shoes would provide a neutral and sophisticated touch to your holiday outfits. Choose from Louise M Block 75 or Classic Flat, or pre order now Louise M Point Toe 80 in beige patent, arriving February 2024. 

A delightful assortment of shoes that would make every step happy and bright.

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