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Posted on March 03 2022

When you are travelling on a short business trip, it can be far quicker to pack a carry-on bag, rather than worry about checking in your luggage. This way you avoid waiting around at the baggage carousel after your flight and head straight to your hotel or business meeting instead.

The best cabin luggage for business travel has storage for your laptop, many different compartments, is simple to manoeuvre through the airport and store during the flight, and gives you easy access to your things as you need them — so you do not need to rummage.

Both Samonsite and Rimowa have cabin luggage perfect for short trips that require only a couple of outfits. Cabin bags will fit under your seat or in the overhead locker while you are in the air, and the spinner wheels make walking through the airport a breeze. Try fitting your laptop, tablet and other necessities into your cabin luggage for additional travel ease.

If you prefer a carry-on bag that is more of a handbag style, the Delsey Chatelet Soft Air Shoulder Bag is a tote with room for a laptop and other necessities. It also features several internal compartments to allow you to keep your items organised and separate.

The Nomatic Travel Bag features 40 litres of storage, so it is great for a multi-night trip. It was designed with many different compartments to help you pack efficiently and easily locate your items — these include a laptop sleeve, shoe compartment, laundry bag, valuables pocket, an area for storing cords and multiple other sections. Plus, it is a backpack, so it is easy to carry. The material it is made of is very durable, so your belongings will remain dry even if you get caught in the rain 

Sometimes, you need to pack nice clothes, particularly if you are going to an important meeting or conference. The last thing you want is to be forced into wearing wrinkled clothing to such an event, as inevitably happens when you travel. The Travelpro Luggage Crew features a garment bag which is big enough to hold a couple of suits or a few dresses. It also has a lot of space inside, plus many interior pockets. You can also roll it for easy manoeuvrability.

The Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinner Suiter features a magnetic technology that keeps the wheels rolling in the correct direction at all times. The suitcase moves fluidly over different surfaces, such as tiles and pavement. It also features a garment bag, compression system and multiple compartments. It is also great for multi-night travel.

Whenever you travel, it is also important to have a comfortable and versatile pair of shoes with you. This means you do not need to pack as much, giving you smaller and lighter luggage to carry around.

Louise M shoes are handmade in Italy from high-quality Italian leather and feature inner cushioning. Their classic style means they will never go out of fashion. While they are the perfect shoe for corporate women to wear in the office and while travelling for business, a selection of the shoes also meet the Virgin Australia and Style on Q footwear standards for cabin crew.

Remember to always check the airline cabin baggage allowance for the airline you are travelling on. Allowances can be different for domestic and international flights, and can depend on the level of frequent flyer, and class you are travelling in.

Louise M shoes Founding Director personally loves her pink Lipault luggage when travelling with cabin baggage only.

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