Beyond a hand made in Italy!

Posted on March 15 2017

You will see Louise M transition over the coming months, away from European brands we have stocked that complement our brand, towards a full range of 'Louise M' branded shoes. Bringing with it a very specific focus on providing the best quality and most comfortable shoes for airline cabin crew, that corporate women will also love to wear.

Visiting Italy was to speak with our manufacturers about best materials for the cabin crew shoes and designs that are perfect for our customers. It is extremely exciting to have our beautiful leather shoes made in the same factory as luxury Italian brands. A dream come true for me, actually beyond my dreams. 

It is not all work, I always make sure I explore when I can too. There are always certain things that are on my 'to do' list when visiting Florence. One of them is to walk across the medieval bridge, Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge). It is dated back as far as 966 and was the only bridge across the River Arno until 1218. It still has shops across its length and is a huge tourist attraction.

Whether visiting in the cool winter or the heat of summer a trip to Florence always includes a gelato. Walk across the Ponte Vecchio, turn right, then walk along the cobbled streets until you reach the delicious Gelateria La Carraia. Beautiful creamy ice-cream made daily with fresh ingredients. This gelateria is known, by the locals, to be the best. I digress..... back to shoes!

Time in Italy was particularly fabulous this time. Apart from seeing my wonderful 'shoe family', we spent the entire day with them. A friend of the 'family' came along as the interpreter and made communication so much easier. The first few hours was all shoe business talk, uppers, outers, heels, comfort of course, and packaging. The Italians sit for lunch between 12.30 and 2pm so the factory where our shoes are made was closed during this time. Privileged to recieve an invitation to experience lunch the Italian way, it was accepted with glee.

The restaurant was empty when we first arrived however soon filled with factory workers and conversation. There was something really nice about sharing a meal with family and friends in the middle of the day. There was no menu just the restaurant owner giving two pasta entree options, and steak for main meal with options of beans or chips. Simple fresh food, cooked with passion. The accompanying red wine complemented the meal perfectly.

Full, calm, happy and grateful the factory floor visit was next. To see the shoe craftsmen hand sewing, gluing, and stretching the leather with precision to create beautiful shoes is a real honour that I love to witness. Someone once asked me if 'Louise M' shoes were actually hand made. I can without a doubt say that 'Louise M' shoes are hand made. The process is very much a hands on skill with the best machinery to assist in achieving the highest standards of shoe making.

Before leaving the factory, every shoe is double checked for perfection and imperfections, labelled, coded, and packed in the appropriate shoe boxes of the luxury brands. Imagine, 'Louise M' shoes are made with the same attention to detail and packed ready to send to Australia by the very same people. I used to consider Louise M 'high end', however luxury brand at affordable prices is closer to reality than I ever imagined.

A climb to the top of the Florence Duomo was pre booked for the same day as the factory visit, however arriving back into Florence later than intended meant the climb will have to take place during my next visit to Italy.  Enjoying more of the Italian traditions, an appertivo was ordered to celebrate the day's achievements.

'Louise M' Hand made in Italy. Black Leather Court shoes for airline cabin crew and corporate women. Beyond my dreams... and a reality.

Our most popular shoe for cabin crew is the Louise M Block Heel. Worn by Qantas and Virgin Australia, and the subsidiary airlines. Meeting uniform requirements of Australia's airline industry. If your preferred style and needed size is not currently available contact Louise so that she can let you know as soon as your size arrives. 


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