Happy Feet, Healthy Mind. Are You Suffering from Sore Feet?

Posted on October 31 2023

Happy Feet, Healthy Mind. Are you suffering from sore feet?

Finding the right pair of shoes is powerful – it can make us feel confident, sexy and stylish. If you suffer from sore feet it is time to rethink your shoes.

We often choose fashion over comfort, therefore women are four times more likely than men to experience foot problems. 

More than a quarter of our bones are found in our feet, so they definitely provide our bodies with a solid foundation. Studies have found that ill-fitting shoes can affect your entire body, by causing joint pain, back pain, impaired balance and increasing your risk of falling.

High heels have been linked to osteoarthritis, joint degeneration and tendonitis. However, regularly wearing unsupportive flat shoes can cause fallen arches. Worn-out shoes can lead to muscle strain. 

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes also leads to bad posture, which can affect us mentally as much as it does physically. 

According to Ohio State University psychology professor Richard Petty, sitting or standing up straight is not just good for your posture, it increases your self-confidence too. In a 2009 study, he found that people who slouched were more likely to doubt themselves than those who sat upright. He concluded that good posture influences your mindset in a positive way and makes you more likely to trust your decisions. 

In the workplace, self-confidence and a positive mindset can lead to increased productivity. A study by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) found that positive thinking makes us more open to trusting others. Smiling can also make us appear more trustworthy. This increases our ability to cooperate and thrive in a collaborative team environment. 

The same study also found that positivity can make us more successful, as this mindset means we are more likely to effectively and efficiently solve problems. The NCBI established that those who are optimistic are more likely to see challenges as opportunities and take advantage of them. 

Luckily, with Louise M Shoes, you can achieve comfort and style. Our shoes are classic and will never go out of fashion. The simple block heel can go with almost any outfit, and they are specially designed to suit the style needs of corporate women. They also fit the guidelines of most airlines’ dress codes for flight attendants. 

The best part is that you do not need to spend weeks wearing them in – you can just put them on and walk around blister-free. They are designed with added cushioning to increase comfort and stability. While this is obvious to the wearer, this feature is not visible from the outside. It does mean you can work a long shift on your feet without experiencing the pain often associated with high heels. 

Our shoes are available in various heel heights to suit your needs. Louise M Shoes also have a flat option, which features the same premium materials, high quality design and comfort as our heels. 

Having healthy feet and a positive mindset have been shown to reduce stress and increase energy and brain stimulation. Sounds like it is time to buy a new pair of shoes, stop suffering from sore feet.


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