Louise M Empowerment with Louise Matson and Myia Cleggett, a Rapid Transformation and Abundance Coach

Posted on June 20 2021

Louise M Empowerment with Louise M shoes Founder Louise Matson and Myia Cleggett, Mind Motivation Coaching



Every person can choose how they will use their power: to use it for oneself and be strong— Empowerment or to use it against oneself and be weaker— Disempowerment. It is an edge to know how these two could change one’s life.

Myia Cleggett. Myia is the founder of Mind Motivation Coaching and is a Transformation & Abundance Coach. She empowers clients in building confidence, career, wealth creation, health, and wellness.  Myia is an expert in the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, and Creative Visualization.  Her mission is to globally create a ripple effect of empowerment, transformation, and inspiration in personal and business growth and development. Myia will share with you her journey towards empowerment, her experiences, and her influences. She will also share how you can regain empowerment.  This could help you too in unraveling yours!


Transcript below:

Louise Matson (00:02):

I'm delighted today to be speaking with Mia Cleggett. Myia is the Founder of Mind Motivation Coaching and is a transformation and abundance coach. She empowers clients in building confidence, career, wealth creation, health, and wellness. Myia is an expert in the principles of rapid transformational therapy, positive psychology neuroscience, quantum physics, law of attraction and creative visualization. Her mission is to globally create a ripple effect of empowerment, transformation and inspiration in personal and business growth and development.

Myia welcome to the Louise M Empowerment series today. Thanks for coming and talking with me.

Myia Cleggett

Thank you it will be so much fun. This is just an amazing opportunity to spread, spread, everything, to do with empowerment and what you're doing, I just feel is just wonderful. You should be very proud of yourself.


Louise Matson

Thank you. Myia, it's been really interesting speaking to different women about empowerment. On that note, I would love to know your definition of empowerment.

Myia Cleggett  (01:20):

Well, when I work with my clients to impact them is basically to install in them or to reactivate in them that sense of that, they are more than good enough because so many people have that belief that they're not good enough. So, and that is very disempowering for them. So to empower is, is to really reactivate that sense of I am more than good enough that I'm smarter than I'm intelligent, I'm resilient, I'm strong, I'm confident, all of those things that creates empowerment, being able to be yourself, true, authentic self 100% that you can express yourself authentically. You know, for whom you are feeling that you do have a voice that you are allowed, giving yourself permission to speak. Your truth I feel is, is just the most empowering energy and feeling to, to have within. We can, we can get into that inner confidence that, you know, resilience that inner knowing that we matter, that we make a difference, that we are important.

Louise Matson (02:38):

It's really being valued. Isn't it.

Louise Matson (02:43):

Now does that present emotionally or physically or both, do you think

Myia Cleggett (02:48):


Myia Cleggett (02:49):

If, if we're feeling empowered, like body language, just by sitting back with our shoulders back, our head tilt straight and our arms straight, you know, the corners of our mouth turning up, that gives us a sense of empowerment. We can actually get into empowerment just by using our body language. Disempowerment is if we've got our shoulders low, if we're where our chin is pointing down, where it's not our line is pointing out, that actually feels disempowering. If we actually see someone with that body language, they're basically trying to disappear, you will know that that they're feeling disempowered about themselves. Whereas if you see someone standing there, you know, straight spine and their shoulders back and they head up and the eyes straight forward, and that, that, that crease up with their mouth, you know, up into a smile, you know, you get that feeling, that energy that they are.

Louise Matson (03:53):

Making me sit up straight, shoulders back

Myia Cleggett (04:02):

As the answer to your question, it is, it is physical and it's emotional if we're having the thoughts that, that, that I am important. And you know, what, what I have to say is, and my opinions are important and significant and are a value then, that, you know, it's emotional as well as physical. That, that sense of empowerment. Definitely both.

Louise Matson (04:26):

I usually bring this up later, but maybe we'll speak about it now. And, when you're feeling disempowered, do you think you can change by just changing your body language,

Myia Cleggett (04:36):

Many things, but yes. Body language, absolutely. 100%. Yes.

Myia Cleggett (04:42):

You know, if you change that, even when you're feeling down, yes, you can feel better. Yeah.

Myia Cleggett (04:47):

We can change our state by changing our physiology. That that is its effect. It's, it's a universal fact that we can also, we, when we change what thoughts were going through. So if we're having the disempowering thoughts of I'm not good enough, or what I have to say is not important, or who am I to, to have an opinion, or they're not going to, to think that what I'm saying is, is, is of value or importance. If those thoughts are going through our mind, then that is going to create that sense of disempowerment, as opposed to if we're having the thoughts. Um, I'm important. I'm significant. What I have to share is really valuable. It's inspiring. I love helping people. I love making people feel good about themselves. I know people really respond to the words that I'm using and saying, then that will change that that will fall into our physiology. So the thoughts that we're having a body language, also what we were like today,  I'm wearing something red. So for me, red is, is a powerful, strong, positive color. So if I want to feel empowered, I'll put something on as well as a beautiful pair of Louise M shoes.

Luoise Matson (06:15):


Myia Cleggett  (06:18):

That will create, you know, when people take care of what they look like, and I'm not saying, you know, we all have to be, you know, beautiful like the in magazines or anything else. I'm just saying, take care of respect your body and your appearance. Because if you look in the mirror and your hair is dirty, you're wearing dirty clothes and creased and everything else. That's not going to be empowering for you. Whereas if you take the time that self-love self nurture self care and put the clothing on, that makes you feel good, makes you feel empowered, then you will feel it. You will feel it, that you've got the body language. You've got the positive thoughts in your mind, and you're wearing something that makes you feel good and feeling empowered. You're wearing the fabulous Louisa M shoes. Then you're going to really radiate that this beautiful, empowered energy.

Louise Matson (07:18):

Yes. You just reminded me that your red shoes are being made at the moment in the Italian factory. They'll be here in a couple of weeks. So that's exciting. I just remember that. Um, so Myia, what is intriguing me, and this is really what the series is about, is going from childhood to adult hood and how you felt as a child. Did you feel empowered or confident, strong, you know, valued, heard as a child. So let's think about that. Let's think about, you know, your family, um, how many siblings? Male, female. And, um, yeah. Was it your mum ,your parents that made you feel empowered or disempowered? Let’s start with that first.

Myia Cleggett (08:03):

Okay. I've got two brothers, one older one and one younger one. And I'm the middle and with empowerment mum, empowering, dad disempowering some of the time Dad disempowering. So I'll start with the disempowering. Uh, when I was around 15 years old, I left  for England because my parents were going through pretty messy divorce. So I just wanted to get away from there. So I said to them, because my older brother was living in England. I said, can I, can I go to boarding school in England? And they said, okay, because I just wanted to get away from it. Cause it was very disempowering actually to be around and fighting and stuff. So I went to, to boarding school in England and I came from being basically top of every, every part of my schooling. And then when I went to England, the, the difference in, in, and then education was huge.

Myia Cleggett (09:12):

So I went from being, you know, like prefect and a hundred percent and a and all that to, right down the bottom. And it was also cold there. So I would just stay inside. I wouldn't be doing any of the exercise that I was doing. I wasn't in any of the team sport teams or anything like that. So I, the only thing that I did was actually eat. I was eating a lot and I put on a lot of weight. So when I went home for holidays, I had put on weight and my dad said to me, like, my mum would just go, Ooh, and not say anything. Just give me a hug. My dad would tell me, wow, you're fat. And he kept on saying to me, you're fat and you're re you're really fat pretty much every day, you're fat, you're fat, you're fat.

Myia Cleggett (10:04):

So that was incredibly disempowering for me. Whereas my mom, she would always say to me, when I was in Perth, Western Australia, that she, whatever you put your mind to my, your, your, your, your achiever, you are amazing. You're smart, you're clever, you're intelligent. And when I would go to any of my sporting things, you you're going to become captain. You're going to win every race. I mean, it was, it was empowering, but also it sort of led me to being a bit of a perfectionist because I had to perform or else. So it's yeah, a little bit, a bit a tricky one there, but she did give me instill in me that whatever you put your mind to you will achieve because you are smart. You are intelligent, you are beautiful. You are, you know, and all of that. And empowering stuff. I also had my, grandmother who actually lived to 102, I'd hear all her stories because she lived next door to us. And she was, she was like the first because she lived in India. She was born in India and lived in India for, for quite a bit of her life. And she, she would tell us stories that she was the first female bus driver.

Myia Cleggett (11:35):

And she would tell us stories about they were building their, their new home and should they were living in a tent. And she would have a shotgun next to her bed and tigers that would go past, she would get, you know, open the flat and she would shoot tigers to protect us or, you know, to protect my mother and brother. And then I was asking my mum, I said, well, what about snakes? Yes, snakes would come. And, but she, my grandmother wouldn't shoot the snake because she needed the bullets to shoot the tigers. So that's about how did she get rid of those cobras? And she said, well, she would get like this long stick with like a little fork at the end pin, the snake down behind it. You know, the Cobra head has got a big head and then get another stick and just whack it.

Myia Cleggett (12:39):

So, you know, to me, those stories, I just realized that she was a really powerful and obviously an empowered woman for her to be so resilient and that she would just get on with it. And, um, you know, I have to protect my family. This is what I'm going to do. Even if it means shooting a shotgun at the tigers or killing the cobras. And like, it was like, wow, if she can do that, I can do anything. I'm not, I don't have tigers coming towards me. I don't have cobras and all that, so, well, if she can do that. You know, my life is a piece of cake really. So did that.

Louise Matson (13:23):

Disempowerment that your father put upon you and the empowerment that your mother and your grandmother put on you, was that, did that counterbalance the disempowerment or did the disempowerment affect you more?

Myia Cleggett (13:40):

I know that with the psychology and everything that I've learned, um, doing what I do that the negative is, is, is much stronger. So I think that is why it instilled in me the sense of perfection. If I get a hundred percent, then I'm worthy or, or, you know, people will love me if, or it, a few things happen. And then I did lose weight and went back to what I used to be. Um, and then I was more accepted by my father. So yeah, it, it, it, it created a motivation or an incentive to, to perform, to be what I thought other people wanted me to be. I was told basically for my father that yes,

Louise Matson (14:37):

Maybe the influence it can have. So, um, going on to, I mean, it sounds like the school was as well, disempowering as well, because the school in England, you kind of went backwards with that as well.

Myia Cleggett (14:52):

When I was in Perth, I went to Santa Maria college and another person outside of the home who did empower me, was a lady called Lynn McKenzie. And she was a swimming coach and she was the first woman to win gold in butterfly, in the Olympic games. I think it was Mexico city in 68. And she was only 17 when she won. And then, then she came to become a coach swimming coach for Santa Maria. And she was just the most inspirational, empowering, amazing person that I've, I've pretty much ever come across that really instilled in all the swimmers in the, in the team that you, you are the best, you can do it, you can win, but she, she did it in a way that was empowering. Not, you know, you have to.

Louise Matson (15:55):

It's believable you could believe it or not. It wasn't a false you can do it.

Myia Cleggett (15:59):

No, no. And what happened was, um, we, we were the best team, you know, we always won the inter school swimming and, you know, we, we were the best because we, she had so much faith in us. We wanted to live up to that faith and she was such a, you know, a loving, wonderful, positive, happy person. We, we wanted to make her proud and yeah, I found her incredibly empowering because she had so much faith, so much belief in us and yeah. And that's what I want to do now with my clients. And that's what I do do with my clients is to really instill that in them have that belief in them, that is all people need is just one person who has got that belief, real belief in them. And then they will live up to that, that expectation.

Louise Matson (16:55):

Yeah.  I went to Santa Maria too at a different time from you, but I don't think she was there because I tried to get out of swimming every time.

Myia Cleggett (17:05):

Well, she couldn't have been there.

Louise Matson (17:08):

I was always busy doing something else. It seems. Yeah. But anyway, so going on to adult hood, and you have created this amazing business, I mean, we used to fly together. We were flight attendants together at Skywest airlines, and that's where I first met you and we've gone on a business journey together after flying. So I do know you quite well. Um, but yeah. How would you say, your childhood has affected you going into adulthood,, and into your business, you know, how did you find that empowerment when you were so disempowered? Was it education? Was it networks was, you know, as you say, there was one person. An adult, was there someone else, mentorship, what was it?

Myia Cleggett (17:50):

Yeah, it's, it was definitely because I'm fascinated about how the mind works. It, the more I learned, the more trainings that I did, the more, information I had about how the mind works, how we can collaborate with the mind, I then realized that I could actually release the, any limiting beliefs of programming as in, you know, what my dad had been, you know, unconsciously installed. Um, you know, he was only doing what he was capable of. Like he was born in England and he, his father, he had to call his father, sir. He never said to his dad, dad, or father or whatever. Um, so that, and then he went to boarding school pretty much from when he was really young to when he finished school. So that was all he was capable of, you know, he, he wasn't [inaudible] no.

Myia Cleggett (18:54):

So the more I learned about how the mind works and then basically did the work on myself in the, you know, while I was working with my clients that really opened my mind up to, okay, so I can release those, those limiting beliefs and the limiting programming and install all the old, the new positive, empowering programming. So, and having the last load of training that I did, which is real cutting edge, the rapid transformational therapy, the lady who started that her name is Marissa Peer.  For me just learning from a female because of my previous trainings that they were all with men, it, I just found it really empowering because she was just, just moving forward and she was expanding her business, growing her business. And she was, she was impacting so many lives around the globe that, her looking up to her made a huge difference.

Myia Cleggett (19:59):

Cause I just thought, well, if she can achieve this amazing life, then so can I, and then if I can, then I'm going to share that every bit of information with my clients. So having a mentor, having amazing insights and trainings, reading all the books and listening to the podcasts, all of that, and also surrounding myself with positive empowering people that makes a huge difference as opposed to disempowering people, as opposed to negative people. I find that it really makes a massive difference. If you surround yourself with people who are looking to help others to make a positive impact and make a difference in this world, I find that just a hugely uplifting and inspiring.

Louise Matson (20:59):

Well, I'm not only sitting up straighter, I'm going to speak very positively.  I do, I do know, I need to speak positively around you. You don't put up with any negativity, so it's very, very good being around you. So, many of your clients are, I'm just assuming come to you and they're feeling disempowered. So what's a couple of tips that you might give to them just to quickly help them feel more empowered.

Myia Cleggett (21:38):

Is to basically change what their inner dialogue is. If it's negative and disempowering, change it to the exact opposite, to visualize in their mind, best case scenario, as in what is best case now there's a lot of clients will come to me initially. And they're thinking of what if worst case scenario, what if I never find my career path that I feel is incredibly fulfilling or on purpose? What if I never attract my ideal partner? What if my health is always going to be this bad? They always do the, what if, and what if best case scenario. So just imagining how it would feel in a, if you're in your career, if you attract your ideal partner, if you have the most amazing health, if you know, you're financially free. Cause I haven't majority of my clients, they want to have that sense of financial freedom, but there's, there's something that's locked in their subconscious.

Myia Cleggett (22:44):

That's not allowing them to, to attract and manifest the, the financial abundance that they want. So it's to be aware of what your thoughts are, be aware of what you're projecting and imagining in your mind. Once again, the physiology finding announce what programming is holding us back. Well, belief that we're running on and changing it to the new belief of what we do installing the new belief. You know, people will come in with the identity or the label of I'm not smart enough, let's say for example, so that belief and that expectation of life is always going to be this hard. They live up to that. They live up to that, that label. So let's change it because the subconscious doesn't care if it's right or wrong, good or bad, subconscious just believes we believe. So if we choose a new belief, that's empowering that I can do whatever I set my mind to, that I can attract and manifest, um, financial freedom, having that positive expectation, having that belief actually creates that as the reality, you know, the people out there who think, okay, well, I'm, I'm never going to get ahead in life.

Myia Cleggett (24:09):

If they're having those thoughts and they're projecting it in their mind, they will never get ahead in life where as the paper to projecting in their mind, whatever I set my mind to, I can achieve and take the actions, then that's what will happen. That is 100% guaranteed.

Louise Matson (24:31):

Yeah. It's really nice to know that even, you know, as a child, if you had a disempowering environment, that you can change these things, but it's also interesting Myia, that if you'd listen to your mum more than your dad, she was actually giving you empowering things too. It's that, it's amazing what we actually listened to. And as a child, I guess we don't have those skills yet. And wouldn't that be great if we instill those skills on our children and grandchildren now.

Myia Cleggett (25:04):

Absolutely, absolutely. You know, they should be teaching this, this sort of, um, mindset stuff in school. And I know that Marissa Peer she's, I think she's doing it in England and maybe Spain. And she wants basically to have this program in every school. And that way the child is not going to have, you know, these negative beliefs installed and hardwired into their mind. We will be able to install empowering beliefs, you know, that they are good enough that they are smart enough that they are intelligent enough.

Louise Matson (25:45):

Well, you've got me onto listening to  Marisa Peer too. Tell us about the Jack Canfield experience you had. Being interviewed by him.

Myia Cleggett (26:00):

That that just shows, this is a good example of how, how powerful the mind is. I have put it out there to the universe as I like to put it that I wanted to be on a platform with a heart centered person who is inspiring and empowering to get my message across because I want to help as many people across the globe as I possibly can. So I had that thought that was my intention. And then just a few days later, I got an email from the Jack Canfield team because I was on their newsletter and asking, was I interested in being interviewed by Jack Canfield?

Myia Cleggett (26:49):

And I thought, well, yes, please. And I hadn't even thought of, of that. I just had put it out there that I wanted to be, on a platform with someone that I really admired and respected. And then that came through. So, um, I applied and then I had a phone interview with them and that was the next day. And they said, yes, absolutely. Are you free to fly in a couple of weeks’ time to Santa Barbara? And I said, yes, that's absolutely. Wow. And yeah, it was, it was amazing. He was just incredible.

Louise Matson

Cause I know he's been an inspiration to you as well, kind of a mentor via video.

Myia Cleggett (27:44):

So it's amazing how powerful our mind is. And you know, I'd like to leave with, with your listeners or your audience that our past does not define us. We are not our past. What we have is the present and the future. So just being now in the present, as we wake up in the morning, this is a brand new day. What is the belief? What is my expectation for today? And we can change it at any moment because this is right now, this isn't the moment the past is behind us. The present is now well, what an incredible world that we live in, if we have that expectation and that energy and that vibration universal law will say that you will attract that back to you. You will attract that vibration, that energy back to you.

Louise Matson (28:46):

Okay Myia, my shoulders are back, I'm speaking positively and I'm putting it out there to the universe. So what a fantastic. A fantastic conversation we have just had. If anyone wants to get in touch with you and learn more about what you do, how do they go about that? What's the best way to contact you?

Myia Cleggett (29:04):

They can hop onto my website, which is and send through an email. They can contact me on Instagram or Facebook. And I always offer a free consultation, 20 minute zoom, video, phone call consultation. And we can just have a little discussion and I can share how I can help, help that client. And yeah, and I've got lots of people hop onto my website actually onto my homepage that if they type in their email address, I've got so many free resources and audios and raising your vibration audio. So yeah, I would, I would love to send all those resources to them.

Louise Matson (29:51):

Fantastic. Thank you so much. Myia it has just been an absolute pleasure talking with you today. Thank you so much for giving us your time and I hope we can speak again.


Myia Cleggett

So wonderful. Lovely speaking with you too. Bye.



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