Stepping into Success: The Power of Perception in Professional Footwear

Posted on December 01 2023

Louise M shoes comfortable corporate style shoes

Perception is a powerful force that influences how we are viewed in the professional world. Recently, at a business event, the topic of perception came up in discussions surrounding how one's business success is perceived by others, particularly through the lens of social media. This led me to reflect on the conversations I have had, especially with women, and their perceptions of footwear comfort.

Having spent 17 years as a flight attendant, where looking professional and performing at a high level were non negotiable, I have come to understand the pivotal role that footwear plays for all professional women. It is not just about style; it's about comfort and confidence, factors that can significantly impact one's performance.

Surprisingly, the perception among many is that all corporate-style shoes are inherently painful. This revelation is somewhat shocking to me, as I have witnessed countless clients expressing discomfort with professional style footwear. It became clear that there was a gap between the expectation of style and the reality of comfort.

This dilemma motivated me to create a solution that bridges this gap, offering professional women a comfortable alternative without sacrificing style. While sneakers may be the epitome of comfort for many, the challenge lies in their appropriateness within most professional environments. The clash between comfort and professionalism often leaves women feeling like they must compromise one for the other. 

The Louise M brand provides a solution for women who refuse to settle for discomfort in the pursuit of a polished and professional appearance. By challenging the traditional perceptions of corporate footwear, Louise M shoes empower women to stride confidently into their careers without the hindrance of painful shoes.

As we continue to engage with women in a wide variety of professions I am reminded of the impact that perception can have on the choices we make in our business and personal lives, and our footwear decisions.

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