Posted on October 15 2021

Louise Matson Fonder of Louise M shoes was a flight attendant at Virgin Australia airlines, Skywest and Ansett airlines.

I retired from my flight attendant career in 2013. I wore many uniforms during my 17 years at Skywest, Ansett and lastly at Virgin Australia Regional Airline. I loved my job and the wonderful people I met and had the privilege to work with. 

I left to pursue finding the best cabin crew shoes in the world. I didn't know at the time that I would develop the best cabin crew shoes myself, working with the Italian manufacturer that now makes Louise M shoes.

To be honest it has been the most challenging 8 years so far, but with the supportive people around, my travels, my clients, my business friends, and my Italian shoe 'family', some of the most rewarding. 

While I now work full time on Louise M shoes, I couldn't stay away from the aviation industry completely so I currently work part time for Qantas as a Customer Service Agent, managing the arrival and on time departure of aircraft. 

My career in aviation has given me the complete understanding of the role and importance of quality well made shoes, when spending hours of your feet, walking  many kilometres a day. As Shark Tank's Naomi Simson says on The Mentor's Mark Bouris podcast "I can walk 50,000 steps in Louise M shoes".

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