What is a Shoe Last?

Posted on September 06 2020

The last is the most important tool for making shoes. It is an anatomical shape of a foot to which the shoe materials are placed over, under and around. 

If the last is not made correctly the shoe that is made using it will never be good to wear. Fit, balance, and comfort of shoes depends on the last. Last making is a specialised skill. 

As shoe specialists say, the last comer first! All other components of shoe construction happens after the lsat is made or chosen.

One last can sometimes be used for a variation of the style, but a new last is needed for different styles. For example a pull on boot will be a different last to a zip up boot as more room is needed to slip the foot into a pull on boot, however a zip boot may be able to use a court shoe last. A high heel court shoe must have a different last to a low heel court. The court, otherwise known as pump, last is versatile with a Mary Jane or Sling Back or Loafer style also able to be made on it.

Every size is a different last. Louise M stocks 15 sizes of 6 styles = 90 lasts.

There are many things to consider when designing and developing shoes. The last is just one of them but extremely important to the overall finished shoe.

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