Customised Shoes by Louise M


Louise M has a base shoe range available for purchase on the online store, and a customised shoe service available to pre order.

The customised service is for clients wanting a shoe style they love in another colour. Colours available are beige, navy, and red nappa leather, and black and red patent leather. The customised service is a pre order service where the shoes are purchased, an order is sent to the factory in Italy and shoes will be made specifically for you. Please allow 12 - 16 weeks. Contact Louise to discuss and arrange your pre order. We fully assist you every step of the way and will inform you of your shoe delivery date.

Should you need a specific colour for your team or to meet uniform requirements this can be discussed with our Italian shoe manufacturer. A minimum of size pairs will need to be ordered.

For all enquiries of our pre order – customised service contact or phone 0417 933 523.