8 Great Reasons Why Women Love Louise M's Comfortable, Stylish Handmade Italian Shoes

8 Great Reasons Why Women Love Louise M's Comfortable, Elegant Handmade in Italy Shoes

  • # 1 GREAT REASON WHY - All Day Comfort – 100% Guaranteed

    Put them on in the morning and forget about them! Super comfort right through those 12 hour work days without a pinched toe or blister. Superior soft Italian Leathers inside and out, coupled with an added cushioned inside sole, allows your feet to breathe no matter how hot and sticky it gets. Your comfort is 100% GUARANTEED!

  • # 2 GREAT REASON WHY – Style at Any Height

    Heels range from 1.5cm low heel to 8cm high heel. Choose the height you want AND enjoy a secure footing too. Plus, easy to match with any corporate uniform or business wear. Gives you the style needed to complete your professional wardrobe and add those extra inches while you climb the corporate ladder.

  • # 3 GREAT REASON WHY - A Touch of Italian Hand Crafted Luxury

    Enjoy those sweet moments of luxury EVERY DAY as you look down at your elegant Italian hand-made shoes. The best Italian designers and shoe artisans bring you elegance others will notice.

  • # 4 GREAT REASON WHY – Never Miss Out Again Because of Sore Feet

    You are no longer at the mercy of your sore feet. Fun times or casual business chats. You'll be there when it matters.

  • # 5 GREAT REASON WHY – Skip the “Wearing In” Phase

    Say goodbye to nightly "wearing them in" the week before you need them, and put the band aids away... you'll simply slip your shoes on and go.

  • # 6 GREAT REASON WHY– Handmade in the Same Factory as the Big Names

    Louise M shoes are handmade by traditional shoe artisans in the exact same factory as luxury Italian shoe brands, except you can buy them at a fraction of the price!

  • # 7 GREAT REASON WHY– Eliminates Your Need for the “Back Up” Pair

    Forget about keeping extra pairs of shoes under the desk... and cabin crew can now pack lighter with the comfort and security of Louise M shoes. Plan your day with confidence knowing your shoes will be comfortable during the longest work day.

  • # 8 GREAT REASON WHY – Hassle-Free Buying with Fast, Friendly Customer Service

    Shoe shopping has never been so easy. In Australia, your new shoes will arrive 1 to 3 working days after ordering. And it's hassle-free with our easy exchange and returns policy. We're here to help you every step of the way.

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