Louise M Shoes Review by Optus Stadium, Perth Event Manager.

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"I've been sprinting around stadiums for years in high heels. 👠
Nadia Owen, Manager of Special Events Optus Stadium Perth.

Fashion and style has won over comfort and practicality consistently, much to the dismay of my podiatrist!

I was introduced to a local shoe designer last year. An ex-flight attendant, Louise Matson wanted to create comfortable but stylish shoes for flight crew and professional women who are on their feet for long hours.
I have had some fun testing out her red patents over our peak corporate event season, clocking up to 20,000 steps a day in these puppies.

I'm posting about this because it might be of interest to my network of women (or shoe fetishists, I don't discriminate 🤣).

If you get a pair, let me know how you go with them!"

#highheels #shoedesigner #shoestyle #fashion #professionalwomen
Nadia Owen at Optus Stadium review of Louise M shoesReview of Louise M shoes by Nadia Owen, Manager Special Events at Optus Stadium Perth

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