3 Best Places to Enjoy Ocean Views - Swanbourne to Cottesloe.

Posted on December 20 2020

Louise M shoes blog, 3 cafes with ocean views in Perth

Oceans views are good for the mind, body, and soul.

 Travelling alone frequently I look for places I find comfortable to spend time while enjoying a meal or sipping on coffee or wine and watching the world go by, and when I do find these destinations I love to share them with you. Ocean views are a particular favourite of mine as it is soothing for the mind, body and soul.

 As international travel is restricted at the moment I would love to share three cafe/bar/restaurants situated near my home town city of Perth. These are my favourite places to enjoy the ocean views along the west coast of Western Australia, stretching along the suburbs Swanbourne to Cottesloe. 

Louise M shoes blog  Shorehouse Swanbourne Ocean View

Situated at Swanbourne Beach is Shorehouse. You will be drawn towards the yellow and white striped umbrellas that feature prominently on the outdoor deck offering protection from the sun where needed. The comfy cushioned white outdoor furniture add to the casual, relaxed beachy vibe while inviting beach goers to join us on the deck.  Yet there is also a fashionable chicness that is perfect to celebrate special occasions and wear your party dress and heels if you wish.

 The interior features a walled heater dividing dining spaces and offering a lovely ambience of warmth in cooler months.  A fabulous large free standing copper bath filled with ice chill the opened bottles of wine and champagne for all tables.

My favourite place to sit at Shorehouse is at the high tables inside the restaurant that allow a view of the goings on inside and out with the ocean views beyond. Stay a while as it is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between.

Louise M Blog - 3 Best ocean views Swanbourne to Cottesloe

Stroll south along the coastal road Marine Parade for twenty minutes and you will find Barchetta. This casual venue invites beachgoers and dinner guests alike, opening for early morning enthusiasts and those looking for an evening meal with a spectacular view. My preferred time of the day is morning when I walk the coastal footpath for an hour or so before entering and ordering a coffee or healthy juice.

It does not matter what time of the day you take your seat there is always activity on the beach below. The variety of swimmers, surf lifesaving club training, children building sand castles, or the surf life savers ensuring swimming between the flags is safe for everyone.

On the footpath area outside there are cafe tables and umbrellas catering for those with pets or still in their wet bathers. As this is a roadside position the views of the ocean are interrupted but the smell of the ocean and the constant stream of passers by provide plenty of activity to entertain you and ensure a beach side experience.  

 My favourite place to sit at Barchetta is on the verandah overlooking the white sandy beach. Grab a paper on the way in, take a seat and sit a while. Take a deep breath. The view is peaceful and invigorating at the same time. Just as when I am walking along the coast I look out at the big wide blue ocean and think of all the possibilities out there in the world. Where in the world will I travel to next.

Louise M Blog - 3 best places for ocean view Swanbourne to Cottesloe

Take a stroll south again along the main coastal strip and you will find the two storey Cottesloe Beach Hotel, overlooking the world famous Cottesloe Beach. This venue is best suited for enjoying from lunch time onwards. It offers function areas and hotel rooms for celebrations and extended stays too.

 There are three eating and stay a while options in the one location. The Beach Club, open in Summer months only, is out the back with very limited views of the ocean. This area however offers a great vibe, wood fired pizza oven and it's own bars to order food and beverage from. This is where the latest fashions can be seen on the well dressed who tend to come for evening catch ups.

At the ocean facing side of Cottesloe Beach Hotel are two areas sitting side by side, Cott & Co and the Verandah Bar. From both these vantage points Rottnest Island is visible on clear days and there are always ships waiting patiently for their turn to dock at Fremantle Port.

The Verandah Bar is casual and is a perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean. There are high tables, long tables and couches (by the fireplace inside) catering for small and large groups equally. The outside verandah area has tables and a fabulous long bench to sit at with the only interruption of ocean views being passing traffic (entertaining in itself with car and bike clubs driving this scenic route) and the famous Norfolk pine trees.

My favourite place to sit at Cottesloe Beach Hotel is at Cott & Co. Unfortunately the restaurant has been closed for most of the pandemic affected year. Hopefully it will return soon so I once again can enjoy the great food and wine selection with ocean views. There are tables by the window but again my most preferred position is at a high table writing or working while enjoying the peaceful yet invigorating life that Cottesloe beach itself provides you. 

Louise M shoes blog - 3 best places for ocean view Swanbourne to CottesloeImages from @theshorehouse, @cottesloebeachhotel, and @cottesloebarchetta instagram.  
Thank you to all for contributing postively to my mind body and soul.

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