5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Leather Shoes

Posted on January 16 2018

Unless you are literally running in your day job it is highly recommended you choose shoes made from leather materials over those made from synthetic materials. According to Senior Head Instructor, Paolo Marenghi, of Milan footwear school Arsutoria only 30% of the worlds shoes are made of leather. So why should we buy leather shoes over synthetic materials for our work days as cabin crew and corporate environments?

Here's 5 reasons why you should choose leather shoes.

  1. Leather is naturally breathable. It is well adapted to use on or near the skin
  2. Leather is strong and durable for long time daily wear
  3. Leather is a timeless material, taking very little to revitalise or renew it
  4. Leather has a strong elastic memory ensuring comfort for your feet
  5. Leather is perfectly tolerated by the feet's skin therefore perfect for every day wear

To ensure you enjoy all the benefits of a buying a shoe that has a leather upper, check that the shoes you choose also have a leather lining. The leather lining has the same characteristics of a leather upper, and provides greater support and comfort for your feet. In addition, look at the heel area of the inner lining and check that it is made from the reverse of the leather upper. This will prevent your heel from sliding out of the shoe.

So why are leather shoes generally more expensive than most synthetic shoes? The role and function of the shoes upper and lining effect the cost of shoes. For example the function of a shoe for the airline industry includes stability, durability, and comfort. There are also hidden components that you may not even consider when simply trying on a shoe, determine the quality. For instance, heel counters and toe counters that sit between the two layers of the upper leather and the inner lining support your feet and will stop the leather from collapsing. 

Something you may not be aware of is that the shoes comfort actually starts from the 'last' that the shoe is manufactured on.  So many of us believe that the more cushioning a shoe has the more comfortable it will be, however the last is the very first step to ensuring a shoe has great comfort and wearability. The last is so critical to the look and feel of the shoe and must be engineered by very skilled specialised craftsmen. Without a well made last the shoes will never be comfortable. 

Be aware also that not all leathers are the same, and although shoes may look the same they are not. How do you know when you are buying shoes? We suggest you choose a reputable supplier, one that you can trust is giving you the best quality and value for your needs. 

Choose wisely, choose leather shoes for your work day.

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