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Posted on January 14 2018

The flexibility of online shopping, and working on a laptop is a wonderful thing. I have decided today to make the most of the stunning weather and move my 'desk' to a cafe in the beautiful purple blossomed jacaranda lined Mount St in Perth, just for an hour or two.

Having an online business makes you instantly accessible to anyone and anywhere in the world so I was delighted to receive an enquiry from Athens in Greece today. It is wonderful that technology enables the world to seem so small that someone can contact me and within a short time I can be communicating with them. The enquiry not only triggered my favourite topic of Louise M shoes but took my memory back to Athens and the Greek Islands where I travelled with my husband and 2 daughters. Mykonos, Santorini and Paros I can see them now. Mykonos' beautiful town by the sea, Santorini's white buildings with blue domes, and Paros' gorgeous fishing port. Perhaps I could deliver the shoes personally to Dimitra, wouldn't that be great customer service!

Although we do not officially ship overseas (coming soon) I do love helping those that enquire whenever I can. A lovely flight attendant in the USA wears the Louise M Classic Nappa Flat. Kayce actually took advantage of the recent sale and bought two additional pairs. She loves the style and comfort of Louise M shoes made by Italian craftsmen, and is thrilled to be able to buy them conveniently online. Having comfortable shoes that look great too is not important but crucial for airline cabin crew.

During a recent photo shoot for Louise M social media posts, I had a wonderful time exploring the streets of Perth wearing my various pairs of Louise M's. The Louise M High Heel, Louise M Block Heel, Louise M Block 75, and the Louise M Classic Flat were the main 'characters' and I took them into some wonderful streets and laneways of Perth. We found a street piano, graffiti lanes, and coloured walls (pink of course) that were perfect for some fun photo shoot. Keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages to see the results.

This photo was taken at the new Intercontinental Hotel in King St.

It is a really exciting time for Louise M shoes as we have placed our next order with our Italian  manufacturer which will be our premium shoe range. It is a culmination of three years researching, learning, and receiving customer feedback that has led to this all important moment. Louise M shoes has shifted from one fabulous factory in Tuscany to another amazingly fabulous factory putting the 'icing on the cake' so to speak for our shoe range.
I started Louise M shoes with the plan to stock European brand shoes that meet the uniform requirements of Australian cabin crew. At that time I did not even consider that I would have my very own Louise M brand, 100% Made in Italy. Now being able to working closely with my manufacturer I have developed what I truly believe to be the best cabin crew and corporate shoe range available anywhere.
I am so proud to have achieved this and be able to help all cabin crew and women working in many other corporate industries have a great day on their feet. My goal is to make it super easy for you to shop for your shoes online, anywhere, anytime.
What are you waiting for, shop today!
Contact Louise for any assistance, we would love to help you find the perfect shoes for you.
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