Be Bold: The Colour You Need This Spring and Summer

Posted on September 16 2019

The colours of spring 2019 have been so diverse on the runways and on shelves, which is great because everyone can find outfits they feel comfortable in. However, fiery reds have been present throughout the fashion industry in the lead-up to this season. The colour is both bold and bright, therefore exuding confidence in those who choose to wear it. 

This strong colour certainly stands out, which means it is important to style it correctly. However, pairing vibrant shoes with more neutral coloured clothing is always a safe bet. It is also a great way to add a modern twist to a more classic corporate outfit, or to elevate a more casual look.

Another reason this colour is great is that it is expected to continue to be popular throughout 2020. According to the Pantone Colour Institute this shade is certainly not going out of fashion any time soon. Red has always been a classic colour, so it can happily remain a wardrobe staple for many years.

The Louise M Patent Red Point Toe Court heels are the perfect shoes to make your work attire look bold and stand out. They are designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.  

The limited collection was handmade in Italy using premium Italian leather, and features a fully cushioned insole to ensure you feel great while wearing them. The rubber outer sole ensures you have stability and prevents slipping on uneven surfaces. These high-quality materials also ensure your feet will be able to breathe all day, no matter how hot the summer sun gets. Plus, your feet will be protected from painful blisters, even if you have to work a 12-hour shift.

They are a perfect addition to your corporate wardrobe, and they are versatile enough to spruce up your casual wardrobe too. This means that you can take them from the office, to drinks or dinner, or wear them out while you are running errands.

These shoes are expected to arrive in Australia next month, so make sure you pre-order now. Only a small batch is available, so if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a pair, you know you will be amongst only a handful of ladies who own this stunning shoe.

If your office requires you to wear neutral colours, or you prefer a more classic look, this heel also comes in a black patent leather. This stylish shoe is perfect for completing your corporate look, plus you know it will never go out of style. It is currently available to pre-order, so get in quick to ensure you can secure your size.

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