Styling your Red Shoes

Posted on August 12 2019

Pairing colourful shoes to an otherwise neutral outfit can enhance your look when done correctly. Whether you want to dress up a casual outfit, or elevate your corporate wardrobe, a pair of red heels is the perfect accessory.

Red heels go particularly well with plain colours such as black, white, camel and grey. They complement each other by adding a burst of colour to the outfit without overdoing it. It is also an easy way to wear them – you don’t have to worry about shades clashing.

Navy outfits can also be elevated with red heels. Once again, the colours complement each other, rather than coming across as jarring.  The navy can also tone down the red, so it does not come across as too bold while still adding a touch of colour. 

If you do want to be a bit more daring though, you can pair the heels with a splash of red, such as a skirt. This takes a bit more work as you need to ensure the shades do not clash and that you are wearing enough neutrals to balance the look out. This is a great way to make a casual summer outfit stand out more. 

Moving further to the casual side, red heels are also a great way to make jeans look more polished. They can also help paler colours, such as light blue, appear less washed out — making them the perfect addition to complete your outfit. 

Louise M Shoes has created a pair of patent leather red heels — the perfect enhancement to your corporate and casual wardrobe. They are bound to make any outfit appear vibrant and refined.

All of our shoes are handmade in Italy using premium Italian leather. The cushioning inside the shoe makes them comfortable to wear, even during 12-hour work days. The high-quality materials ensure your feet will be able to breathe all day despite the weather, plus you are highly unlikely to suffer from blisters.

This particular style is only available in a small batch, meaning you will be amongst only a handful of women wearing this shoe. They are expected to be available from October, so pre-order them today to secure your pair.

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