The Most Comfortable Cabin Crew and Corporate Shoes in the World!

Posted on February 08 2019

My journey into a shoe business was brought on through my experience as a flight attendant and the hours spent in shoes on my feet. The importance of high quality footwear was very apparent early in my career so I searched for the best leather shoes that not only met the airline industry uniform guidelines for cabin crew but also ensured I met the company standard of being professional and well groomed at all times, and the all important comfort factor. 


Observation and conversation with corporate women confirmed that they had the same needs but found it difficult to find, so began my journey into the footwear industry searching the world for shoes that met the needs of cabin crew and corporate women. 

Following an extensive search for shoes closer to home I embarked on a journey to Europe to visit the best footwear trade shows in the world. It was here that I discovered the choices were wider and the opportunity to find manufacturers of the specific classic pump style for corporate heels was possible. 

Louise M is what I truly believe to be the best cabin crew and corporate shoe in the world.

It really does upset me when I hear ladies talk about the shoes that they bought 6 weeks ago that have overstretched and now their feet just flip out of them. or the shoes bought only 6 weeks ago that have fallen apart. Quality is high on my priority list alongside style and comfort, and I am not talking about bulky ugly comfort, I am talking about high grade layers of cushioning that are not highly visible but are noticed by the wearer immediately the foot is inserted into the shoe. 

Are you one that has many shoes in your cupboard that you cannot wear? This is the last thing I want for Louise M customers. I sincerely want you to love your shoes or return them. Louise M shoes are not for leaving in the cupboard, they are for every day, a dependable part of the wardrobe you know you will wear time and time again. 

Image above: Me, Louise Matson, visiting the factory in Tuscany, Italy is one of my favourite things to do. I see the result of craftsmanship and outstanding materials all coming together to create the Louise M shoe brand. The most comfortable luxury cabin crew and corporate women's shoes in the world!

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