Are You Ready for A Life of Luxury?

Posted on July 24 2018

Luxury is most considered for our homes, and in what we do such as searching for the perfect hotel room, luxury linens for our bed, or perhaps a restaurant for a special occasion, however we tend not to consider luxury for our work day. Would you like to experience luxury everyday?

Luxury is now available for professional women. Luxury without the high price of many luxury high fashion shoe brands. Why is it that we consider inferior quality shoes for our long days and daily wear when in fact we really should be considering our health and well being, not to mention our efficiency, safety and professional style when searching for a suitable work shoe? Our luxury shoe brand Louise M offers women an alternative that they look forward to putting on and love wearing to work.

You deserve a little daily luxury while you work, right?

As a flight attendant and business woman, our founding director of (online store) Louise Matson has seen many shoes over the years giving her great insight into what women need as opposed to what is actually being worn.

"I really want women to be able to walk the streets as steadily as men do without the need for a flat shoe or jogger", Mrs Matson said.

Observation, education, and speaking with women about their shoes has resulted in a determination to develop a shoe that meets all the criteria necessary to go about a regular work day without even thinking about having sore feet.  A luxury right?

Louise M is a luxury brand for many reasons but above all it is the feeling that is experienced when the foot is slipped into the shoe for the very fist time, and the second, and the third and so on.  

Mrs Matson continued, "I have witnessed the relief of many women when they realise that there is actually a shoe that they can enjoy wearing.Their eyes light up, they stand taller, and give a sigh of relief, even a little giggle, when they step into our shoes."

Luxury comes from hand made products by very specialised experienced craftspeople working in the most recognised country for luxury in the world, Italy. Hand made products is becoming less common and is a luxury in every sense of the word.

"The attention to detail and the passion that is put into every aspect of the shoe making process is obvious when you see, touch, and feel the shoes. Italy continues to pride itself on having generation after generation of skilled traditions that the world of fashion love to wear.  Globally Italy is synonymous with luxury," she adds.

A luxury shoe is also one you really value, you strive for it, invest in, and appreciate the opportunity to own it. A luxury shoe is one that makes you feel more confident going about your day, whether it is walking into the board room meeting, a business lunch, or knowing you have stability on your feet in the aircraft during turbulence, or efficiency when achieving tasks in a short timeframes. A luxury shoe enhances your day. 

Without giving all Louise M secrets away the luxury of the brand is completed with  superior innersole cushioning along the entire footbed of the premium range of shoes. The process to do this is quite complex taking several samples and reviews to finalise the specification to the high standards that Louise M shoes are known for. Consideration of the toe space, the heel grip, and the side support was important to the overall fit of the shoe and could not be compromised. The result is outstanding and one that Louise M is very proud of being able to provide women in all professions. 

Are you ready to invest in luxury? Aim for a night or two at Plaza Athenee Paris but in the meantime treat your feet to every day luxury. 

Go on spoil yourself, you deserve it!

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