Corporate Gift Giving

Posted on July 31 2019

It is important to maintain solid relationships with your clients and customers. One way to do this is to show appreciation for their business, with a thank you card and a small gift. You do not need to wait until Christmas or a particular occasion, it will be more memorable if it is a pleasant surprise. 

Make sure any gift you give is personal and something your client might find useful or enjoyable. Remember not to overdo it — this should just be a token of your appreciation.

Knack, a bespoke gift company in the United States, surveyed over 1000 people who received corporate gifts and reported on their reactions. Founder and CEO Laura Jennings said gift giving can drive business, so long as the receiver is delighted by the gesture.

“It’s memorability that drives the connectedness and loyalty that create ROI,” she said.

According to the Business Gift Satisfaction Survey, 34% of those who described the gift they received as “very memorable” said they felt more connected to the giver. Twenty-eight per cent said they would like to work with the giver for longer.

Jennings warns putting your company logo onto a corporate gift is a big mistake. The survey found these are the least desired gifts and deliver the lowest amount of satisfaction. This is because they do not come across as genuine, but rather as marketing collateral.

One respondent said, “I don’t feel a “gift” with the company logo on it is a gift. I feel that’s the company promoting themselves.”

Instead, Jennings advises companies to send gifts tailored to the individual as this shows some thought has gone into it. During the survey another person commented, “I think it’s the small thoughtful gifts that have the biggest impact.”

Jennings also suggests aligning the gift with your corporate values, as well as the receiver’s values. For example, a common value may be supporting local businesses, and this could influence your choice on where to purchase the gift from.

Her other two top tips are: give a useful gift, and create a themed experience. For example, you could give a cheese board with some chutney and crackers.

Here are some corporate gift ideas to keep you at the forefront of your clients’ or customers’ minds.

Leather notebook and pen

A quality notebook with a good ball point pen is a useful gift for the receiver, as they no doubt spend a lot of time taking notes during meetings. You can find plenty of notebooks that are beautifully made and sure to be appreciated.  

Coffee table book with inscription

If you know your client is interested in a particular subject, you could find a coffee table book for them to proudly display. Add a personal touch with a handwritten inscription inside of it; this will remind them who it was from, without appearing “salesy.”

A themed hamper

Is your client a wine lover? Buy them a nice bottle of wine and put it with a couple of glasses and nice chocolates to create a hamper. If coffee is more their taste, you can give them good quality beans with a plunger and a mug. 

Business card holder

Does your client frequently attend networking events or meetings? Give them something that helps them transport their business cards without them becoming damaged. You can find some chic holders that will not only impress the receiver, but also the receiver’s clients.

Do not forget to include a personal handwritten card! This is the surest way to achieve a genuine connection with your customer or client.

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