Elevate your Corporate Wardrobe with the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Posted on July 28 2019

While every office has a different variation of dress code policy, there are some basic principles that are best adhered to.

Most corporate offices will expect employees to dress in traditional business attire. For women this means tailored suits in neutral colours, with either tailored pants or a tailored skirt that comes to at least your knee. Blouses should be a light, neutral colour and collared. Any jewellery should be conservative and minimal, and handbags should be structured.

However, many workplaces now allow staff to add a bit more personality into their outfits. Smart business casual attire includes blouses embellished with colour or patterns, pants or skirts in different colour combinations, dresses that have sleeves and come to at least your knee, and bolder jewellery or handbags.

For more casual offices, it may be appropriate to wear dark coloured jeans and neat t-shirts or jumpers.

Regardless of what the dress code is, it is always best to invest in a few high-quality pieces that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. By sticking to a neutral colour scheme, this is achievable, and it is better than buying a lot of cheaper clothes. You will look more polished and well-presented, and therefore more confident.

One thing that does not change too much within dress codes is footwear. It is always best to wear closed-toe shoes as they come across as more professional than open-toe heels or sandals. Business Insider states that it is safest to go for shoes in a neutral colour, as they will compliment most outfits. It is also important opt for a pair of shoes with a sensible heel — you want to be able to walk around comfortably all day if you need to.

According to Forbes, a high-quality pair of stylish shoes is worth investing in, as they can elevate any outfit by finishing off your look.

Louise M Shoes create heels and flats to meet the needs of corporate women. They are handmade in Italy, in the same factory as a number of luxury labels, crafted out of high-quality leather. This means they will have longevity, add a polished finish to your look, and be comfortable during long days on your feet.

They come in the neutral colours of black and beige, which go with a any outfit. They feature a classic design which will never go out of style. This makes them versatile and perfect for travel, or for days when you have a few different events — they can take you from a business meeting or presentation, to dinner and drinks after work.

The inner cushioning does not detract from the shoe’s aesthetic, but it does make it possible for the wearer to withstand long shifts on their feet without suffering from pain and blisters. The block heel creates extra stability.

You can choose from a range of heel heights, from a low court heel, to a higher block heel. If heels are not your thing, we also offer a classic flat.

If your office allows it, Business Insider says it is worth investing in a pair of statement shoes to elevate a neutral outfit. Louise M Shoes offer custom made red or black patent heels to add an extra layer of chic to your outfit.

Most of our shoes also meet the uniform requirements of Qantas' Style on Q and are approved for use by Virgin Australia cabin crew. Their comfort and style make them the perfect shoe for flight attendants.

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