Who is searching for Louise M shoes and why?

Posted on January 31 2017

Do you look at airline cabin crew shoes when you are travelling and wonder where they bought their shoes from? I hear time and time again from women enquiring about Louise M cabin crew shoes range, that they googled "what shoes do cabin crew, flight attendants, or air hostesses, wear?". 

It makes perfect sense of course. If cabin crew can wear (Louise M) cabin crew shoes all day every day, anyone can wherever they work. 

Only today, I received a message from one of our Virgin Australia cabin crew customers. She was checking out of a Sydney hotel and was approached by a woman in the hotel lobby. The woman was a business woman and asked Brianna where she bought her shoes from. This woman was not cabin crew but another woman looking for comfortable stylish black court shoes. The wonderful Brianna, loves her Louise M's (she is wearing her third pair in four years) and told the business woman she could find them at Thank you so much Brianna!

The wonderful thing about the Louise M range of cabin crew shoes is that they are also fashion shoes so can be worn anytime (think of weddings and parties where you are going to be standing all night). The fact that they are made in Italy immediately let's you know they are high quality too. 

One of the Qantas Airlines flight attendants told me that she saw a crew member wearing the Louise M Block Heel out for dinner on an overnight stay, and they looked so great with the dress she was wearing. How fabulous that she could wear them all day at work flying across the country and then leave them on while she went out for dinner in her casual clothing. Certainly saves packing extra shoes!

Some women have told me that they have observed flight attendants walking through the terminal and have thought the cabin crew shoes they are wearing must be comfortable because they are on their feet all day. I must say though many crew are in agony as they are wearing poor quality shoes, and even they need to take more care with their footwear choices. Painful feet can be avoided. Buy quality leather shoes, it makes all the difference to your day.

That reminds me of a wonderful phone call I received the day Angelica first wore her shoes. Actually it was the very next day after she bought them. She said that she had not been pain free for 3 months until that day. She suffers from Plantar Fasciitis however had worn the Louise M Block Heel all day and was wearing them in the car driving home still without any pain. She thought I was a magician, and I must say I kind of am!

I even have a bride wearing a pair of shoes from the Hogl range. Karen told me she was searching the internet for wedding shoes, when she was reminded of the Hogl Point Toe Courts she bought from Louise M. Going to her wardrobe she was thrilled to see they were the perfect colour to go with her dress, and she knew they were comfortable to wear all day, so she is wearing them on her wedding day. Wonderful!

I have had several women say to me, how do you do this? You find shoes that are so comfortable. I  believe my years of experience as a flight attendant, along with my passion for the style and comfort of Italian shoes holds the answer. My increased knowledge from going to the shoe factory and to footwear school in New York City has given me further knowledge that only makes my intuition more formally recognised.

Just for the exercise why not google "what shoes do flight attendants wear?" 

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