Life After Being a Flight Attendant - with Kara Mulder and Louise Matson

Posted on July 31 2017

One of the many aspects of my business that I love to do is communicating with individuals across Australia and around the world. One of those lovely individuals is Kara Mulder, a flight attendant and blogger based in California USA. We first connected in 2015 and have stayed in touch ever since. Although I have never met Kara face to face we seem to have a lovely connection through our common bond of being flight attendants. Like myself Kara is always looking for business and life opportunities as well as new travel experiences.

Kara has a wonderful blog The Flight Attendant Life.  I love to read about her adventures and watch her wonderful videos about life as a flight attendant. Just like any other job there are many pros and cons associated with being a flight attendant and Kara is very real when sharing both. She expresses herself beautifully in times of great excitement and times when suffering great challenges and duress. You can really feel her genuine emotions in all that she shares.

When I first met Kara she was a crew member at Norwegian Airlines for many years and although home is in California, her crew base was across the country in Florida. She has since transitioned into Corporate flying and is, unfortunately, currently recovering from a broken leg that occurred while kite surfing. 

I was thrilled to receive an email from Kara inviting me to be involved in a video blog What To Do After Flight Attendant Life - Interview with Former Flight Attendants. I was holidaying in South America and leapt at the opportunity to share with Kara and her followers some insight into life after flying. The footage was taken on my iPhone by my wonderful husband on the business level of the hotel we were staying at in Buenos Aires. I didn't have my corporate wardrobe with me, as I would normally like to be interviewed in, however being able to adjust and adapt to situations on the go I dressed in the next best thing a Louise M tee and Louise M Classic Flats!

The video is a fun short snap shot of what you can achieve and the things three former flight attendants do and don't miss about life after flying.Hope you enjoy watching it.

Watch now! What To Do After Flight Attendant Life - Interview with Former Flight Attendants

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