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Posted on November 13 2017

Often I get asked "How can I use my Virgin Australia shoes allowance to purchase Louise M shoes?"

The majority of airlines do not offer a shoe allowance to the cabin crew and ground customer service teams. However Virgin Australia crew are very fortunate that the company provides the cabin crew members with an allowance to purchase their own choice of cabin crew shoes.

Many flight attendants think this to mean that the allowance is the only amount they should spend on shoes, however it should be considered as the greatest opportunity to buy the best quality cabin crew shoes you can find. 

As a cabin crew member myself for 17 years, I never received an allowance to buy shoes for work. However I still bought the  best quality real leather shoes that I could find. Having to  the shoes every day, all day, I wanted to know I could rely on them for the long days, rely on them to look after my feet now and in the future, and important to me also was to look and feel professional and stylish in my uniform. The best investment I ever made was spending money on my shoes for work. The shoes became my 'slippers' (fortunately without the slipper look!).

To provide an allowance is the best thing your company can offer you. It ensures you have the opportunity to look after your feet, look your best, and never worry about not being comfortable. Especially as all your uniform clothing is provided at no cost, the shoes you wear as cabin crew are the only item (+ hosiery) that you need to buy. Make sure you buy great quality shoes.  I don't know of too many professions where you get all your clothing and a shoe allowance. It saves so much money on office attire you would have to buy working elsewhere.

So how can you use your Virgin Australia shoes allowance to purchase Louise M shoes? It is very simple. Follow these 3 steps.

  1. Shop online at 
  2. Purchase your favourite pair of black shoes. All shoe styles are approved for use by Virgin Australia cabin crew and appear in the approved Virgin Australia female shoes catalogue.
  3. Take the receipt you receive by email following your purchase payment to your crew base and submit to receive your rebate allowance. 

The 3 most popular cabin crew shoe styles are:

  • Louise M High Heel -  With a heel height of 7cm this style gives you an elegant look in a very wearable all day heel. The most popular Louise M shoe for Virgin Australia cabin crew.
  • Louise M Block Heel - this is the most popular airline cabin crew shoe across all Australian airlines, especially Qantas and its subsidiary airlines.
  • Louise M Classic Nappa Flat - If you are searching for a flat for work this beautiful, supportive, versatile black flat shoe is worn by corporate women for work and for leisure. It is a comfortable flat women's shoe so you will not have to pack a shoe for overnight stays as this is perfect for exploring the cities you visit or simply going out for dinner. This shoe also accommodates an orthotic with its removable innersole.

Yes Louise M shoes are more expensive than shoes made by other brands, however we believe the 100% Made in Italy quality is superior to others shoes available. I have developed what I believe to be the best cabin crew shoes available and we want you to love wearing your shoes. 

Our shoes are anti static, anti skid, and alarm free not that we need to say all this, you just know a Louise M shoe is a perfect cabin crew shoe.

So do not delay, use your Virgin Australia shoe allowance to make the best decision of your working life, a small investment for long term health, financial gain (you won't have to buy shoes all the time, although you may like to try our other styles!), and confidence. Louise M shoes ensure you look stylish and feel great all day at work.

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