Melbourne: A Walking City

Posted on July 09 2019

Melbourne is a popular destination for those travelling on business.

In fact, in 2018, a third of domestic visitors travelled to Melbourne for work purposes and stayed an average of 2.3 nights according to Tourism Research Australia.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself with spare time on your trip, it is a great opportunity to explore the city. Whether you are interested in bars and restaurants, shopping, museums and galleries, or theatre, there is so much to do.

One of the best things about Melbourne is that you can walk everywhere. And you might even stumble across a new café, boutique or site that you never would have visited otherwise.

Melbourne is well-known for being Australia’s style capital, with Melbournians typically wearing chic outfits through the city featuring classic long lines and monochromatic colours.  

Between exploring the markets, doing some shopping, stopping for lunch in colourful laneways, visiting museums, the zoo or the aquarium, or enjoying the botanic gardens, you are also bound to walk a few kilometres each day.

With all the walking through the cobbled streets, you need to wear comfortable, yet stylish, shoes to avoid blisters and foot pain.

Louise M Shoes are both of these things, and our signature black heel will never go out of style. They are made with premium materials in Tuscany, Italy, which means they have longevity and durability even when worn often.

The added cushioning doesn’t affect the shoe’s appearance, but it is certainly obvious to the wearer. The block heel also provides added stability to keep you walking comfortably in them all day. 

If heels are not your thing, Louise M Shoes also offer classic flats, which are made to the same high standards and feature the same levels of comfort.

Plus, our shoes make packing for a business trip so much easier — particularly if you only plan on bringing carry-on, or filling your suitcase with a brand-new wardrobe. You can rely on a single pair of shoes to carry you from business meetings, to exploring the city, to enjoying Melbourne’s restaurant and bar scene.

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