Must-Have Luxury Briefcases for Corporate Women

Posted on October 22 2019

The two most essential accessories to wear with your corporate outfit are a handbag and a pair of shoes. These are the keys to looking put together, and it is important to ensure they are free from scuffs, marks and other signs of wear. These accessories do not just look good, they are also practical — a good pair of shoes can carry you through your workday comfortably, while a stylish bag can hold your essentials, including your laptop, notepads, phone, and wallet.

Here is our list of must-have luxury briefcases for corporate women.

Banuce Women’s Full Grains Leather Briefcase
This tan briefcase is made out of high-quality Italian leather, making it durable as well as stylish. It is large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop, binders, and notepads — plus it has multiple compartments on the inside so you can easily find the item you are looking for. This, along with the five studs on the bottom that allow it to remain upright on its own, make it a perfect bag to bring to the office as well as away on your next business trip.

The Maestra Bag by Senreve
According to its founders, this briefcase was created as a stand against women having to choose between beauty and luxury, and functionality and practicality. This is seen in its colour range — it comes in neutral tones such as black and beige, and bolder shades like merlot and lilac — as well as its eight inner pockets, which help you stay organised throughout the day. It is big enough to fit in all your essentials and more, including a full-sized laptop. This briefcase is crafted out of Italian leather and is water-resistant on the outside, allowing it to withstand some bad weather. Its long straps mean you can wear it any way you want; crossbody, over the shoulder, or like a backpack.

Robe Di Firenze Women's Sand Double-Gusset Soft Leather Briefcase
This soft Italian leather briefcase is crafted in Tuscany and it gets its tan colour from a process that utilises vegetable extracts to maintain the integrity of the leather and enhance its quality. It is lined with suede to give it an extra touch of luxury, plus it features two internal compartments to help you keep your things in order and easy to find throughout the day.

Audrey RFID Brera Briefcase
This bag is not only sleek and practical, but it is designed to protect your personal information too. It has inbuilt RFID protection to prevent thieves from skimming data from your laptop, phone, credit cards, or passports. It also features a lot of space on the inside. The many compartments and pockets allow you to keep your belongings organised while you are on the move — making this the perfect travel companion. Plus, it is made out of high-quality grain leather and finished with a contrasting trim to give it a stylish edge.

These chic briefcases need a great pair of shoes to complement them, and your outfit. Louise M Shoes are handmade out of high-quality Italian leather in a factory in Tuscany. This material prevents you from getting blisters and allows your feet to breathe. The classic design means our shoes go with almost any outfit or corporate handbag, plus they will never go out of style. They feature inner cushioning to prevent foot pain and to keep you comfortable while on your feet all day.

The range includes neutral colours such as black and beige, plus we have a daring red shoe for days when you want to elevate your outfit with some colour. Our shoes also come in a variety of styles; from flats and low court heels, to four different heel heights, they are designed to suit the needs of all working women.

A selection of our shoes meet the Virgin Australia and Style on Q footwear standards for cabin crew.

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