Tuscany: Home of Louise M Shoes and Italian High Fashion

Posted on October 30 2019

While thoughts of Tuscany often inspire us to dream about hearty meals made from fresh produce, the rolling countryside, and delicious wine, that is not all the region is famous for.

Despite Milan being an internationally renowned fashion capital, Tuscany is the real home of Italian style. Several high fashion labels either originated in this region, or produce their styles in local factories — Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Patrizia Pepe, and Emilio Pucci are among these.

In fact, Italian haute couture was born here in 1951, when businessman Giovanni Battista Giorgini hosted the first international runway show at Villa Torrigiani in Florence. He invited buyers from American department stores and foreign journalists, which led to Italian fashion becoming globally recognised. It also meant Florence, and more widely Tuscany, became an international symbol of high fashion as these runways continued year after year.

However, Tuscany is not just famous for its fashion, it is also synonymous with high-quality leather that is famous worldwide. Since the 13th Century, leather-making has been one of the main trades within the region. The time commitment and skill level required to craft Italian leather mean these products are truly artisanal.

Louise M shoes are handmade in a factory in Tuscany, using high-quality leather and crafted with attention to detail. This is the same factory where other high-end brands’ luxury shoes are created. Before leaving the factory, every single shoe is examined to ensure it is free of imperfections.

Our shoes are the perfect match for anyone looking for style and comfort without compromise. Plus, they come in a range of styles, colours and heel heights, so you can find your perfect pair.

The durability of the leather means our shoes are designed to last, so long as they are properly cared for. The softness of the material means it molds to your foot to prevent rubbing, avoiding blisters or other discomfort.

Inside, they feature cushioning, which protects your feet from pain throughout the day. The block heels add stability to prevent injury and to stop your heel from getting caught in the pavement as you walk along the street. This means you can wear our classically designed shoes with confidence during your workday and after hours.

When visiting Florence, the founder and managing director of Louise M shoes Louise Matson likes to sit at Cafe Gilli to unwind after the long day mixing work with exploring this fabulous city. Watching the beautiful carousel in the square come to life, Louise reflects and writes about the day that was.

A selection of our shoes meet the Virgin Australia and Style on Q footwear standards for cabin crew.

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