Travel in Style: What to Wear When Travelling Business Class

Posted on August 20 2019

When travelling business class, it is important to dress with style yet comfortable clothing, particularly if it is a long-haul flight. If you are travelling for business a shirt with a blazer, that can be removed and hung for the flight, is an ideal choice. If you are representing your company it is particularly important to dress according to your company standards, you might be sitting next to a new business contact. 

While most airlines do not have strict dress codes, it is generally unacceptable to be barefoot, wear beachwear, thongs, or clothing with offensive slogans or images. Some business lounges have also banned activewear, but it is worth checking with the individual airline as to what their dress standards are. The guideline for the majority of airline business lounges is 'neat casual attire'. 

However, just because you want to look presentable does not mean you have to spend a 12-hour flight feeling uncomfortable. Linen pants are a good choice as they are loose and breathable, meaning you will not feel constricted throughout the flight. They are also very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Another option is wide-leg pants with a drawstring waist. These look elegant while also allowing room for you to move. It is best to stick to dark colours when flying as it will hide wrinkles and accidental stains. 

Pairing either of these options with a dressy dark t-shirt will keep you looking chic yet feeling comfortable. It is also best to layer, so bring a jacket or cardigan in case you get cold during the flight, sometimes the socks and blankets provided are simply not enough.

If pants are not your thing, you could wear a maxi dress throughout the flight. While these can come across as too casual, if you can find one with sleeves you will look the part. You can dress these up with a pair of heels and a structured jacket if wanting to look your best when in the lounges.

If you have a meeting directly after you get off the plane, bring a change of clothes or simply a blazer.  These can be hung during the flight and ready to dress your outfit up making you look professionally ready to go when stepping off the plane.

It is best to wear closed-in shoes as they provide a more professional look and are suitable for any climate that you may be travelling to. Louise M shoes are designed for corporate women who work on their feet and ideal for those that travel regularly. The inner cushioning provides support and comfort to prevent your feet from becoming sore. They are available in a variety of heel heights, from flats up to 7.5 centimetres. Handmade in Italy, they are produced using high-quality leather, making them very durable yet stylish.  The perfect shoe to bring with you while travelling, choice one pair that is perfect for all your outfits.

Certain styles also meet the uniform requirements of Qantas' Style on Q and are approved for use by Virgin Australia cabin crew.  

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