The Daily Decision That Can Impact Your Ability to Achieve Your Personal and Professional Goals

Posted on January 25 2023

Louise M Blog Post  - The Daily Decision That Can Impact Your Goals

A subconscious decision you make every day is impacting your ability to achieve your short and long term professional and personal goals.  Have you the ultimate mobility to move when needed?  Your choice of footwear affects how you go about your day, your physical and mental health, sociological comfort, and your ability to achieve now and in the future. You can practise positive mind set strategy’s and list daily outcomes, but the capability to be on your feet daily for years to come will be a determining factor.

The foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and a network of more than 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments resulting in a high chance that we will experience foot pain at some point in time affecting our ability to focus and achieve and reach ultimate health and wellbeing. As the ancient art of reflexology knows if our feet are in pain it affects the rest of your body. 

It has also been determined that there are physical and mental health benefits from being on your feet. These can vary by purely lifting your mood, and subsequently contributing to an improved mood in people around you, to significant improvements with sleep, stress, depression, and blood pressure.

The World Health Organisation provides the recommendation of 10,000 steps in a day, estimated to be 100 minutes of moderate walking. This is possible for the majority of us to achieve in our daily routine without having to schedule time with a pair of sneakers on our feet. Rather than making 10,000 steps yet another goal to achieve in our day, change the way to move throughout the day and simply choose to walk wherever you can.

There are sociological considerations that also affect the way you manage being on your feet. Our chosen profession, age and experience will influence our decisions along with how we want to be portrayed by our peers and the way we feel. We either want to fit in or stand out with positive lasting impressions being important to us.

Surprisingly it only takes four seconds to make a first impression, and eight subsequent positive meetings to undo a person’s negative opinion of you, so it is important to consider how you would like to be remembered by those you meet. We have all seen the high profile lawyer in bespoke suits and designer shoes to match.  As a woman you may choose a killer high heel for a powerful presentation, or a slender block heel that provides the ability to move from desk to boardroom and beyond.  For men it might be deciding between an Oxford, Derby, or Monk shoe styles. You have probably made these decisions sub consciously if not consciously before.

Make a daily decision to wear shoes that will serve you well to protect your health and wellbeing now and in the future, while ensuring your sociological comfort is supported too. Your daily footwear choice could be the difference in succeeding and achieving your professional and personal goals. Choose your shoes wisely and just like you seek help from fashion and corporate stylists for clothing decisions, ask for help from a footwear specialist that is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.


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