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Posted on January 20 2023

Flight attendant  - Airline jobs

It has been a wonderful start to the year with so many cabin crew contacting us here at Louise M shoes for flight attendant shoes. It is exciting to hear that airlines, including Virgin Australia and Qantas Airlines, are employing new cabin crew of all ages as new starts, and of course we always love hearing from our more experienced cabin crew who are regular clients of  Louise M shoes.

Louise remembers starting her flying career back in the late 90's when it was a very different story getting a job in the airline industry as a flight attendant. It was considered more of a  single person's job, starting at a certain age, and being a particular height. Determined though, Louise was successful at the age of 30 with two school aged children in starting in the airline industry. 

This is why Louise M shoes specialises in shoes for airline crew. With our experience in the airline industry we know and understand the uniform requirements, the importance of feeling steady on your feet, the need to look and feel professional, and understand how difficult finding appropriate shoes can be. 

However you may have noticed our stock levels are low as the last couple years have provided Louise M shoes with manufacturing challenges as supply of materials increased. We want to reassure you though we are working on fabulous solutions to propel (pardon the pun!) us into 2023 and get our stock levels back.

Our first step (another unintended pun!) is attending the Milan international shoe fair this February before travelling to Florence where we will visit our manufacturer in the Tuscany region of Italy. Although we have spoken on the phone, via an interpreter, and emailed each other it will be wonderful to see our manufacturing team face to face, make sure they are well, and discuss shoes, shoes, and more shoes.

We very much look forward to stocking more of our much loved cabin crew shoes range, in particular the best cabin crew shoes in the world (our clients say this!) the Louise M Block Heel, Louise M High Heel, and Louise M Classic Flat.

We highly recommend if you have a particular size and style that you are waiting for or would love to try on, please contact us so we can add you to our client list, and you will be first to know of new stock arrivals. 

We are so thrilled to hear the planes regularly in the sky and know that our clients are back doing what they love. It is the best job, so have fun, stay safe and contact us for all your cabin crew shoe needs. We don't only offer the best cabin crew shoe range we are here to help you throughout your shoe shopping experience, and beyond. 

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Did you know professional and corporate women enjoy the benefits of our nappa leather and cushioned shoes too. Working long hours on your feet in any professional environment, it is imperative your feet are pain free while looking your best. Your friends in other industry's will love Louise M shoes too.

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