This Spring Neutral Tones Are In

Posted on October 01 2019

With winter drawing to a close, many of us are putting our dark coloured clothes away and moving brighter colours to the front of our wardrobes. Crisp whites, pastels and light florals feel summery and match the sunny spring weather.

While black heels will never go out of style, sometimes they can appear a little heavy when the rest of your outfit features a lighter tone. This is when the classic beige shoe really has the chance to shine. Neutral coloured shoes also never go out of fashion; however, they do work best with outfits suited to the warmer months.

Louise M Shoes currently offer a block heel in both beige as well as black. This classic heel comes in two heights; 5.5cm and 7.5cm to suit your preference. These shoes are handcrafted out of Italian leather, meaning they are breathable, will not give you blisters, and are durable due to their high quality. They also feature cushioning inside the shoe which provides added comfort and support, particularly if you are on your feet all day.

They are versatile and can be worn away from the office too. For a more casual look, pair them with jeans. They are also perfect for cocktail events, which involve a lot of standing. You will look stylish and chic, without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Neutral tones do not have to be confined to your spring and summer wardrobe — they can also work well in winter. For example, they go particularly well matched with navy-blue pants. You can also pair them with a light shirt and black pants or a camel coloured coat that is worn over a dark outfit. Playing with these contrasting tones can elevate your look, making you look put-together and chic.

When travelling, it is best to pack a pair of classic black heels or flats, along with another classic style in beige. These shoes will go with almost any outfit, making you look stylish while on the plane and exploring new cities. The versatility and comfort provided by Louise M Shoes means they are the only pairs you need to bring on your trips.    

Our neutral Block Heel 75 is arriving soon so be the first to know when these styles will be available by checking our website and signing up to our newsletters.

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