What are the best cabin crew shoes to wear?

Posted on September 12 2022

The question of what are the best cabin crew shoes to wear is often asked by new cabin crew, or flight attendants as they are also known. For those that have flown for many years know that the most important factors are to looking professional and feeling comfortable. 

3 things you must consider to ensure you are buying the best cabin crew shoes:

  1. High quality leather upper and lining. Leather will absorb and breathe keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.
  2. A block heel. A 5-6cm heel is perfect for long hours on your feet. The block heel will keep you stable during turbulence, and allow you to walk efficiently to and from the aircraft and while working on the aircraft.
  3. Square toes rounded off are ideal as they provide room for your toes to sit comfortably in the shoes while providing an elegant look.

Follow this simple guide, and you will be well on your way to wearing the the most comfortable, stylish and quality shoes for your cabin crew career. It is important to invest in your shoes for your feet and being able to complete your duties with ease. Choosing the best cabin crew shoes will give you the best value whether cabin crew or corporate women.

See Louise M Look Book of Cabin Crew shoes styles that are approved for use by Virgin Australia cabin crew.

See Louise M Look Book of Cabin Crew shoe styles that meet Qantas Airlines 'Style on Q' uniform requirements.

See the range of shoe styles at Louise M shoes online store that meet the airline uniform standards of airlines in Australia.

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