Louise M's 5 Tips for Perfect Shoe Fit

Posted on September 15 2022

Louise M shoes 5 Tips for Perfect Shoe Fit
Clothes and shoes can be difficult to shop for in person and online.  We often feel we need a bigger size than is necessary or expect every brand to have the same sizing when the realty is that clothing and shoe brands can have different sizing depending on what country they are made in or the market they are selling to. Louise M shoes are Made in Italy using a standard Italian sizing measure.  


Here are 5 tips to help getting a perfect shoe fit no matter the country the shoes are made in or that market they are sold to. Following these tips will help you have a successful shoe shopping experience whether you are shopping in a retail store or the convenience of online shoe stores.

5 Tips for Perfect Shoe Fit
Let's look at these '5 Tips for Perfect Shoe Fit' in more detail. 
  1. When trying on new shoes it is very important to try shoes on both of your feet, due to your feet being different sizes. The right foot is typically the larger of the two but this is not always the case. Yours may be the left. 
  2. It is vital you have happy feet! Ensure your longest foot is fitting well in the shoes. It is recommended that shoes are tried on at different times of the day. Your feet may swell a little throughout the day, simply through walking, the weather, or standing or sitting too long.
  3. Stand up with your feet in your shoes. While standing, raise the back of your foot, with your toes remaining on the ground. Your heel should be able to slip out of the shoe and back into the shoe with ease.  This is the ideal fit.
  4. If the heels of both feet are flipping out of both your left and right shoe when walking your shoes are too big. Look to see if there is a gap between your heel and the back of the shoes. If you can fit a whole index finger down the back of your shoes you definitely need a whole size smaller. If you are flipping out of both sides and there is a gap less than an index finger wide, we suggest a half size smaller. Louise M shoes come in half sizes for best fit so there is no need to wear shoes that are too big for you.
  5. To assist shoes to be a perfect fit on both feet you may like to place a half innersole in the front of the shoe. This is usually only required on the smaller /shorter foot if your heel is slipping out of the shoe when walking. Placing the half innersole at the front of the shoe helps push the foot back into the shoe to stop the slipping out at the heel. Cotton foam innersoles are recommended for their softness and ability to absorb moisture. This will eliminate the need to place heel grips on your shoes. Louise M shoes already have a natural leather grip at the heel as part of the shoe making process. 

A common mistake shoe shoppers make is comparing Louise M quality leather shoes to some cheaper products on the market that overstretch in only a few weeks of wearing. A common practise when buying lesser quality products is buying shoes very tight knowing they will overstretch. It is highly recommended when choosing Louise M shoes to ensure your feet are comfortable with the correct fit right from the moment you first put them on. The leather will relax around your feet, but this does not cause overstitching as we have also lined our shoes with a high quality leather and have structures in place so the shoes remain supportive. One of the many benefits of Louise M shoes is that they become more comfortable the more they are worn, as the leather warms up and moulds to your feet.

One flight attendant said of wearing Louise M cabin crew shoes "It's like walking on clouds!"

Contact Us if you would like any assistance with finding your perfect shoe fit. You can find us online, or attend one of our monthly Perth events.

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