What Shoe Size Am I?

Posted on July 05 2018

What Shoe Size Am I?

This is a very common question and easily resolved. You will be able to shop again and again at Louise M shoes effortlessly after reading this article.

I always advise for you to think about what shoe size you would ask for if you were to walk into a store to try on shoes. This is exactly how you choose your size when shopping online at Louise M. You may be unsure, and I totally understand the hesitation at first as you don’t know our brand yet, however we suggest you start with the most common size you wear. Wouldn’t you rather have a chance at owning what we consider and many of our customers agree, a pair of “the best cabin crew and corporate women shoes in the world” than missing out on owning them at all. So be brave you will be rewarded!

Once you have placed your order we will post the shoes to you by Australia Post Express Post. When your new Louise M shoes arrive on your doorstep (1-2 days for inner city postcodes) try on the shoes. We recommend trying shoes on at a couple of different times of the day to ensure the size is right whether you have just woken up or have already worked a long day.

Please at all times be very careful with the shoes, we want you to be able to return them for an exchange or refund so please keep them looking brand new and we ask that you wear them only inside on soft surfaces when you are trying them on. We have put just as much love into our packaging as we have developing and manufacturing our shoes, so that you have a wonderful experience when opening and unwrapping the shoes, so we do ask that you be gentle with the beautiful tissue paper also.

An important tip when trying on shoes is to try shoes on with a stocking if that is what you are going to be wearing with your shoes. Depending on the thickness/denier of your tights or stockings it can make a half size difference in the shoe size you need. You don’t want your shoes to be slipping out of the heel of the shoe when you walk. This will only cause your toes to claw trying to keep the shoes on and make walking look and feel awkward.

After trying on your new shoes you may decide they are perfect exactly as they are, or if still unsure you may decide you would like to try on a different size. At all times remember if you are in doubt at any stage of the shopping process do not hesitate to contact me, I am here to help you every step of the way if you need me. In any situation you can email or phone me and we will arrange for an alternate shoe size to be sent to you or answer your questions. We will discuss the return of the unsuitable shoe and make the process very easy for you to pop the shoe in the post to return.  We cover the complete cost of the exchange and return of the shoes. Fabulous right!

Now be careful if you are thinking "I will buy a size smaller because shoes always over stretch". The shoes you have worn in the past from other shoe brands may well have over stretched after a couple of wears, but never expect this from a Louise M shoes.

Overstretching is usually due to poor quality materials including the lining material used on the inside of the shoe or the shoes may have no lining at all. Louise M shoes are made from high quality leathers that we use on the upper (outside) and inner lining (inside) of the shoes. We advise strongly not to buy a Louise M shoe that is too short or too long for you. You want some space to cater for foot swelling in the air or over a long period of time but not so big that your foot is slipping out of them when you walk. We advise just as strongly to not buy shoes that are too tight believing they will be falling off your feet after a few wears. A little bit of firmness when you first put your feet into a Louise M shoe is okay as the leather we use will soften as it molds to your feet and becomes even more comfortable to wear. Any major discomfort means you have the wrong size or you may need to try a different style that suits your feet better. 

The great thing is once you have your Louise M size your next order will be incredibly easy. Our returning Louise M shoe lovers (our lovely customers!) simply buy the same size in any style from our shoe range. If you have forgotten your shoe size since you last shopped we are able to assist you as we keep your shoe size on file here at Louise M. Simply contact us and we can let you know the style and size you have ordered previously. How easy is that!

As Louise M shoes are hand made in Italy the shoes are available in Italian sizing. To help you find your equivalent shoe size we have placed a size chart on each of the shoe product pages to help you. For example an Australian size 8 is equal to an Italian size 39. We also have half sizes in every shoe style as this ensures you can have a shoe that fits your feet best. 

Another important tip is that one of your feet is larger than the other, typically your right foot but not always the case for everyone. Choose the size that fits your largest foot as you don't want your shoes to be tight. We suggest a cotton or leather half innersole be placed in the front of the shoe that is on your smaller foot. This will help push your foot back into the shoe for a great fit.  The cotton or leather innersoles will breath unlike any gel or plastic innersoles making the wear of the shoe more comfortable and avoid sweating. I suggest the half innersole preferably over a heel grip as it gives a better finish to the look of the shoes.

I hope this information has helped to avoid any hesitation you have about what shoe size to order when shopping at Louise M, and allows you to join our many cabin crew and corporate women who love their shoes.

Louise x
Former Flight Attendant and Founding Director Louise M shoes

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