What shoes do I need for my airline cabin crew role?

Posted on May 04 2021

Louise M best cabin crew shoes in the world by form flight attendant. Made in Italy.

The airline you will be working for will have a very specific uniform guideline from the way you wear you hair, what size and colour jewellery to wear, even what sun glasses are allowed to be worn when in uniform.  Shoes are included in this uniform guideline and although may vary slightly from company to company, shoes generally have a standard style.

Your shoes are one of the most important components of your uniform as they provide the professional look that is required, they look after your feet for hours each day, provide safety against turbulence, and protect your feet from injury. Your health and safety is equally important as wearing your uniform to the highest level of professional standard the airline industry is known for.

The history of airline uniforms shows that luxury fashion houses have designed for international airlines over the past century, including Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Emilio Pucci, to modern day designers Martin Grant for Qantas and Juli Grbac for Virgin Australia. There is much consideration in the design of the clothing for comfort and efficiency and representation of the airline. It is important to have the same consideration when choosing shoes. 

Some airlines will supply shoes, others will provide a shoe allowance, while you may be expected to find your own shoes. Founder of Louise M shoes, Louise Matson says "throughout my seventeen year career as a flight attendant, I was always happy to find my own shoes. I looked for the best quality providing comfort and a longer lasting shoe with a great fit that I knew were going to enable me to work efficiently and safely, and look and feel my best in uniform." 

The most common standard of shoes for airline cabin crew is a closed toe court shoe, covering the heel, toe and sides of the foot. The heel must be a solid block heel to allow for stability in turbulent conditions. The heel height maximum is most commonly measured at no more than 7cm allowing for walking with ease. 

"Louise M Block Heel is the most popular cabin crew shoe in our collection. It has a sturdy block heel and height measuring 5.5cm. It has the appearance of a heel but most clients say it feels like wearing a flat," says Louise.

It is very important to take care of your feet. Along with buying the best cabin crew shoes you can find, massage your feet and calves regularly, and visit a podiatrist as soon as you have any concerns. You only get one pair of feet, so be careful with what shoes you choose and take very good care of your feet.

To view the cabin crew shoes collection at Louise M shoes visit 

Louise M shoes are approved by Virgin Australia and Qantas, to be worn by cabin crew.


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