Shoe Sustainability And How We Can Help

Posted on May 21 2021

Shoes and Sustainability and how we can help our environment

Sustainability, according to Cambridge English Dictionary, is being able to continue over a period of time... causing little or no damage to the environment. 

There has been many conversations around fast fashion and the effect a throw away society has on the environment. Not only the materials that are used, but the working conditions of the people making the garments is a part of that conversation. This conversation is often about clothing however the same can be said about footwear.

At Louise M we insist on high quality materials that offer longevity, durability, with components that can be replaced if worn down rather than the whole shoe needing to be thrown out.

All processing is handcrafted and made in Italy, with the leather cut and all production made in the factory located in the Tuscany region of Italy. Louise M shoes manufacturers always go to Italian tanneries for the best quality leather for every type of skin used. The factory also has a precise waste disposal process, all waste is disposed of and recycled according to Italian laws.

Not only the materials are the highest quality but the craftsman are masters in making of shoes. The working conditions of all employees associated with Louise M shoes are of a high standard too. 

This ensures the MADE IN ITALY tag associated with Louise M shoes is completely authentic. According to Forbes, from the post-World War II era, “Made in Italy” has confirmed itself as a label granting fine quality, authenticity and a sense of style internationally praised.

Louise M shoes are a luxury leather product. Leather is a beautiful and extremely durable natural material, and has the added benefit of becoming even more comfortable over time as the leather moulds to your foot. A well designed and made shoe, along with buying the correct fit for your feet ensures your feet are happy and you never hesitate to wear those shoes. In fact, the shoes become so comfortable that you do not want to throw them away, retaining them for as long as possible before renewing. 

Many people tend to buy shoes that are poorly made for one off wear for a particular occasion, and believe that because they only paid a small amount of money for the shoes that it does not matter if the shoes are discarded. This however adds to the environmenal concerns that the world is experiencing. 

To ensure we do our part for the future of our planet consider sustainable ways to ensure shoes are continued to be used, rather than discarded. Think before buying, consider how useful the shoes are to you and will they end up in the rubbish bin after only one or two wears.

Repair components of your shoes, such as the sole and the top lift on the bottom of the heel when worn down, or re glue parts that have come a part. Another option if you have finished your term with a pair of shoes is to sell or pass on to others, or donate to a charity op shop or organisation.  

Louise M shoes is proud to produce a quality product that can be worn for many hours over many days and years. Our clients realise the value in investing in a quality shoe that is not only fashionable but offers functionality and longevity. It is important to consider sustainability when choosing footwear and simply by buying a better quality shoe we can play a part in protecting the future of our environment.




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