Why High-Quality Fashion is Worth the Investment

Posted on July 16 2019

The sustainable fashion movement is slowly gaining momentum; however, the fashion industry is still one of the biggest culprits when it comes to harming the environment.

Fast fashion is the main reason behind this, with such brands designing, making and retailing trendy clothing at lightning speed. The industry no longer works to a four-season year; instead some brands release a new collection almost weekly to keep up with the latest styles.

Quality control gets neglected in the process, with clothes being cheaply-made, inexpensively purchased by consumers and then discarded after they inevitably fall apart or become ‘uncool.’

According to McKinsey and Company, clothing and footwear production doubled from 2000 to 2014, and the average consumer bought 60% more garments each year.

YouGov Omnibus research from 2017 found that 24% of Australian adults had thrown away outfits after only one wear. Approximately 30% of Australian adults had discarded more than ten fashion items during the year.

The same study showed that a quarter of millennials had thrown away clothes or shoes because they were “bored of wearing them.”

Cheap fabrics, such as polyester, are generally used to create these garments in order to keep production costs down. This particular textile is derived from petroleum, is not biodegradable, and sheds microplastics into our waterways every time the fabric is washed.

However, even natural threads are not good for the environment at the rate they are needed to serve the fast fashion industry. For example, cotton plantations require large quantities of water and pesticides in order to create the amount of material required to meet the demand.

Cheap, toxic dyes are often used to colour garments, which pollute our waterways both during production and during each wash.

Since these clothes are poorly made and designed to suit current trends, they do not last the distance. With the price-point on these garments so low, consumers are used to the cycle of buying clothes and discarding clothes. The cost of repair is more expensive than buying something new. 

However, people are beginning to recognise the value in investing in high-quality pieces that will withstand the test of time. According to Vogue, purchasing well-made items will allow you to present as professional and polished. It is important to make sure they fit well and are comfortable, so they look flattering.

Business Insider states that in terms of footwear, neutral colours with low heels are your best option. This is because it is smarter to invest in a couple of pairs of shoes that go with any outfit, plus, the last thing you want during your workday is sore feet.

Louise M Shoes has a small collection of classic shoe styles to suit professional women. They are handmade in Italy by designers and craftsman, in the same factory as other luxury footwear brands.

Made out of soft, premium Italian leather, they are designed to last — meaning you will not need to replace them every couple of months. Without compromising on style, we have found a way to make them comfortable too.  

The inner cushioning allows you to spend a long shift on your feet without suffering from blisters or aches. The block heel provides stability to prevent injury on uneven walkways. This eliminates the need for a ‘back-up shoe,’ as they will take you from work to dinner and drinks without causing you any pain. You will be able to wear them with confidence!

They currently come in black or beige — classic shades that complete any outfit. You can also choose your heel height, from our range of flats, low heels, medium heels and high heels.

Our shoes are designed to meet the style needs of corporate women. They also meet the uniform requirements of Qantas' Style on Q and approved for use by Virgin Australia cabin crew. 

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