Coffee and Croissants: Our Favourite Cafe Workspaces

Posted on July 15 2019

Sometimes getting out of the office can help our creativity flow, especially when it’s mixed with good coffee and decadent pastries. Here’s our list of top cafes to make your office for the morning or to host your next meeting at.


Perth, Western Australia

There are a number of cafes close to the CBD, where you can meet with clients over breakfast, or set-up your laptop for a couple of hours.

La Veen on King Street pays homage to the heritage-listed building it lives within. It features high ceilings, with large windows to bring in plenty of sunlight, along with red brick walls, warm wood and splashes of green. Their quality coffee is made from ethically sourced beans and locally produced milk. They also offer a large range of dishes to enjoy for breakfast or lunch.

Lowdown is based in Cloisters Arcade and its coffee is considered to be among the best in Perth according to the Urban List. There is plenty of space to sit down with your laptop, or to meet with a client or colleague.

Tiisch creates simple but imaginative food out of local produce. This coupled with the indoor plants, natural light, high ceilings and aura of privacy means it is a great place to meet at. Located on Milligan Street, they offer takeaway coffee and pastries for those in a hurry, or sit-down dining from breakfast through to dinner.


Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is the Australian capital of good coffee, and there is no shortage of cafes to try.

Cumulus’ menu features an array of extraordinary meals, and it is no wonder, given it is run by Melbourne chef Andrew McConnell. This bright eatery offers delicious coffee and the high ceilings and natural light make it a great meeting place.

The European gives off old-world Europe vibes, transporting you to rural France, Italy, Spain. This makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a nourishing working breakfast, however you can enjoy this bistro at almost any hour of the day.  

Is there a better combination than Italy and coffee? Il Solito Posto is the perfect Italian trattoria to host quiet meetings at. It features a simple, yet delightful meals over amazing coffee, and it is known for its impressive service.


Sydney, New South Wales

Sydney is no stranger to good brunch-come-office spots.

Kawa Café is located in Surry Hills and is frequented by Sydney creatives. It is the perfect location to enjoy productive meetings or brainstorming sessions, plus it offers a great selection of food. If coffee is not your thing, you can enjoy a fresh-made smoothie – you can even pick the fruit and vegetables out from the glass display.

The Fine Food Store is just as its name suggests — the menu features delicious home-style foods and there is even a boutique food store on site. The café is located in The Rocks but hidden up a cobblestone laneway, so you are tucked away from the traffic.

MCA Café’s stunning view of the harbour is bound to put you and your client in a good mood as you sit out on the terrace overlooking the Sydney Opera House. Soak in the sunlight and enjoy a bite from their fantastic menu while sipping on your coffee.

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