Shoes Can Look The Same But Are They? Louise Matson Tells Us More.

Posted on March 09 2018

Excitement is building as I wait, but is it worth the wait? Absolutely! Shoes can look the same but are they? Let me explain further. 

To be totally honest with you, the past year has been filled with 'road blocks' in manufacturing the Louise M brand to the specifications I have determined are best for the women who wear my shoes. My heart almost broke when I saw the shoes at the factory on my recent trip to Florence as they were beautiful, and you would have loved them, but they were missing a material that improves the (already comfortable) comfort level of the shoe. It was present in half the shoe but not in the other half. Would you have noticed when looking at them? No. Well that's where I come in,  I do know and want to create a shoe you will love to not only look at but wear too.

There was no choice in my mind but to stop the completion of manufacturing the shoes while a solution was determined. It was so difficult to tell my supplier that they were not as I wanted and I will not accept the shoes as they were. I had customers also waiting so patiently and loyally for shoes that it was a difficult decision to make. I am so grateful to those customers that completely understood why the delivery of their shoes would be delayed.

Imagine little ol' Louise from Perth telling these luxury women's shoe manufacturers (they also make Prada, Church's and other luxury brands) that I am not happy with the shoes. The shoes are beautiful but I was not happy. It seems ridiculous but I want to be super excited and proud about my brand and I have worked too hard to be anything less.

Following a few days to clear my head and speaking with a shoe expert that I am so privileged to know, it was decided with the factory that three shoe samples would be made for me to trial.These samples have arrived on my doorstep now, delayed by the unusual snow that Tuscany experienced last week that caused access issues for vehicles. Yes a further delay, however out of my control.

As you can see in the photo below, the three shoe samples look exactly the same but have variations within them offering varying comfort levels. Sounds simple enough but in reality each shoe requires a different adjustment to the overall shoe to ensure the correct fit, so technically not as easy as it sounds.

Louise M Cabin Crew Shoe Samples

A little background as to why all of a sudden manufacturing my shoes became harder that it had been previously. It started by the retirement of one of the owners of the company that manufacturers the shoes, and the company having to be restructured accordingly. The factory itself that is owned and operated by my supplier has been leased to Gucci, and the manufacturing of their client shoes are now made in a nearby factory.

Although initially quite stressful as the uncertainty was worrying to me the change was actually really amazing news as my shoes were already made by highly skilled craftsmen/women but the move to the other factory means the Louise M brand is now made in the same factory as globally recognised luxury brands. Something I never dreamt was possible for Louise M when I started this business journey in 2013.

With attention back on to the three sample shoes that I am now trialling. This is a lesson for all those that think shoes that look the same are the same. It is often what you cannot see or the materials that many do not understand have different qualities meaning the result affects the wearability of the shoes. For sure it may not matter if you are only wearing a pair of shoes for a few hours from time to time, but when you rely on a shoe to perform day in day out it makes a significant difference to the wearability, enjoyment and productivity of your day.

I already knew what I wanted the solution to be, however I had to wait for the sample to ensure it gave me the result I wanted to achieve. It is with great relief and delight that I can confirm to proceed with the production of Louise M shoes, with delivery as soon as possible, I have customers waiting.

So be aware when next buying new shoes as there is a difference although one shoe may look like another.  As a quick example, a fully leather shoe has properties that allows the shoe fit to take on your foot shape allowing a comfortable fit in a very short time, unlike synthetic materials that are rigid and your foot has to try and fit into the shoe as it is causing prolonged discomfort.

Beware shoes may look the same but they are not the same.

If you would like any assistance with your shoes I am here to help you. I want you to love your shoes and love wearing them. You can contact me at Louise M anytime before during and after your shoe shopping experience. My goal is to find you the perfect shoes for you. 

My contact details are: Mobile 0417 933 523 or

Have a look at our Facebook page to see more shoe images, and my business and travel adventures. 

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