5 reasons why investing in a good pair of shoes IS worth it.

Posted on May 01 2018

Some people, albeit most of them women, are fanatical about shoes.  They love shoes of every shape, colour, heel height and design, no matter the cost to the pocket or health. 

Some of these women have even become famous for their obsession with shoes. If I were to mention Carrie or Imelda you will have some idea who I was referring to.  These are two ladies who, to put it mildly, really loved their shoes.


But, there are shoes ….. and then there are shoes.

From Jimmy Choo's elaborate designs and price tags to K-Mart’s summer flats the choice in shoes is phenomenal and you, the wearer, are at liberty to pick and choose.

So, is it really worth investing in a good pair of quality leather shoes and are they really worth the money?

Here are 5 reasons why we think they are:

1. Invest in your comfort

Without a doubt, a good pair of high quality soft calf or kid leather shoes will do you proud if you find yourself having to socialise or shop, after an already exhausting day on your feet.

A classic pair of leather court shoes, for example, will combine style with comfort and enable you to get through the day, and night, without thinking about your feet at all.

Why would we choose to force our feet into uncomfortable, ill-fitting, cheap shoes during our long working day.

It doesn’t make sense, just ask your feet.

2. Durability, longevity and value for money

Whilst you may be able to purchase two or three pairs of cheaper, non-leather shoes for the same price as a good pair of leather ones, and they may even look similar, the construction of the more expensive shoe will far outweigh the cheaper version.

Choose a good pair of classic European shoes that are made with higher quality leather, that will wear better and feel more stable than man-made synthetic materials.

Genuine leather shoes are also more durable thus proving to be a better long-term investment for the buyer and ensuring more value for money. An opportunity too to reduce throw away fast fashion that society is so obsessed with.

3. Style

Good leather shoes, although a bit more expensive, can come in what we call classic styles.  The classic court shoe, for example, has been popular for years and never goes out of fashion whether wearing them in the workplace, where they always look professional, or when wearing them out for dinner, where they always look fashionably stylish.

Classic court shoes will give a professionally elegant and fashionably stylish look to your  outfits ensuring you are confident and comfortable wherever you may be.

 4. Absorption and breathability

Foot odour can be problematic for some people and good leather shoes can help alleviate this problem.

Because genuine leather is a natural product with superior qualities it is able to absorb moisture, and enabling your feet to breathe.   This means there is less chance of embarrassment if you have to slip your shoes off. Be confident you can remove your shoes and not offend with smelly shoes, be it while crewing your next flight or removing your shoes once you arrive home or at your hotel.

5. Health and well-being

In this age of eating healthy and exercising more, give a little thought to your foot health too.  Many women who have teetered around in too high, bad fitting, cheaper shoes in their 20's and 30's are now paying the price in their 40's and 50's.

Genuine leather shoes will adapt to the shape of your foot guaranteeing that your feet are well cared for and helping to ensure that you avoid foot discomfort and problems such as bunions, callouses, pain or injury in the future.

So go ahead, invest in a good pair of shoes…. I was going to say because you’re worth it, but I think someone is already using that line!


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