Louise M shoes at the F1 Grand Prix, The Logies and the Winter Olympics!

Posted on May 10 2017

The past few weeks have been particularly exciting for us here at Louise M shoes. Although our niche is airline cabin crew shoes that meet the airline uniform standards of Australian airlines, our shoe collection also meets the needs of professional women and corporate organisations. 

We first spotted Naomi Simson at the Formula One Grand Prix, held in Melbourne on 26 March 2017, wearing Louise M Point Toe Court in her favourite colour red. Naomi is the Founding Director of Red Balloon Experiences , and is a 'Shark' on Channel 10's Shark Tank. We love Naomi for her entrepreneurial successes, her zest for life, and the lovely person that she is. 

We decided to contact Naomi to confirm her Instagram image did indeed feature Louise M shoes, and she said "yes, I save them for special occasions and will be wearing them to The Logies next week". She chose to wear the ruby red Louise M Point Toe Court with Carla Zampatti, an iconic Australian fashion designer. Naomi very kindly sent some pictures of herself in 'Louise M' shoes on the red carpet and told me she "wore them into the wee hours of the morning". We were delighted as she chose to wear the shoes, and the fact that she was comfortable in them for long hours at the Grand Prix and at The Logies.

* You can see the images of Naomi on the red carpet on our Instagram page LouiseMshoes

Our own brand 'Louise M' is proving to be a hit with not only Qantas and Virgin Airlines cabin crew but for other corporate industries as well. We already have the team at Christie Corporate Offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne wearing the Louise M Block Heel and Louise M High Heel, and the front line team at boutique hotel Hougoumont Fremantle choosing the same styles to complete their branded uniform.

The black classic court shoes are hand made in Italy using superior craftsmanship and materials such as European leathers for the upper and lining, poron innersole, and rubber outsoles giving you maximum style and comfort for long days on your feet.

The excitement continued when we were contacted by the uniform organisation that is supplying the Winter Olympics team clothing. During Olympic team fittings in Melbourne the uniform company were asked if they could source the footwear as well. We were delighted to receive a phone call asking for our advice and expertise in appropriate footwear, and then being able to submit styles from the 'Louise M' brand of cabin crew shoes for consideration. Although on this occasion a boot, which makes sense for the Winter games, from an alternate supplier was chosen we look forward to working with the uniform company on other corporate projects.

Over the coming months you will see Louise M shoes transition into stocking the 'Louise M' branded shoes only, removing the European brands that have supported us in our initial years of business. Keep an eye out for new styles and colours, as well as our branded boxes and outsoles. We always love to hear from our customers so please let us know what you love or would like to see at Louise M shoes in the future. We want you to love your shoes so please also let us know if we can improve in any way. 

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