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Posted on June 04 2021

Louise M Empowerment podcast series successful business women in Australia

Take a step in the shoes of successful business women.

Empowerment is a fairly new but much used word. It has really come to the forefront in conversation and in encouraging women to be who they truly want and have the capability of being. 

This past year I have realised that I have been striving to empower women through shoes since I started Louise M shoes in 2013. I have not used the word empowerment openly until now but have always wanted women to put on a pair of Louise M shoes and be confident to go about their day achieving their goals and dreams. Louise M shoes are empowering women to be the successful woman they want to be. Louise M shoes take you places!

Many interviews ask the question ‘where did your business journey begin’ but I am intrigued even before the business journey started.  Did my guests, successful professional and executive corporate women, feel confident as a child and has this helped them succeed in business and life or have they had to upskill, so to speak, as an adult to become confident and therefore become empowered?  

Some of my guests did not receive any source of being valued, heard, or confident as a child, a real sense of disempowerment was felt, and I believe it has hindered them as they entered adulthood. Those who truly believed as a child that they are good enough and could achieve anything definitely had a head start in adulthood. 

Let me be clear that this is not a blame game, our parents or guardians did the best they could or knew how to. The reassuring thing is that no matter how disempowered you believe you were as a child it is possible as an adult to become empowered. We discuss how you can achieve this.

Through this interview series we meet women from varying sectors who have created their own successful business. 

Episode #1 Australia’s 2021 #1 Health and Wellness Coach, Fitsique's Ria Mestiza
Episode #2 Co Directors of a Digital Marketing agency Unicorn Empire Media Michelle Scott Wilson and Deanna Carbone
Episode #3 Professional Image Stylist Julie Hyne
Episode #4 Rapid Transformational Therapist and Mindset Coach Myia Cleggett of Mind Motivational Coaching.
Episode #5 Customer Service Specialist, Edge Communication Founder and Director Ava Lucanus
Episode #6 Strategy Consultant and Business Women Australia's Director Lyn Hawkins

Throughout the interview I ask each of my guests what their definition of empowerment is, as I believe it is slightly different for each one of us. Together we delve into their childhood for feelings of empowerment or disempowerment, before discovering how they have become more empowered in their adulthood, and how they help others feel empowered through their business and life experience. 

I hope this series will help other women on their empowerment journey. 

You can enjoy listening to the Louise M Empowerment series on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other podcast channels, as well as YouTube where you can see our guest in conversation with me. 

Louise M shoes is a luxury shoe brand for cabin crew and professional and executive women. As a former flight attendant I understand the need to look professional, and feel comfortable for hours on your feet. 

Louise M shoes are now helping women feel empowered. Here are what some of our clients are saying.

"The best cabin crew shoes ever!  Kathryn, Virgin Australia Cabin Crew

"The most comfortable shoes on this planet!" Lyn H, National Director

"A game changer, I have never looked forward to putting heels on before" Carmen,  Media Presenter and Confidence on Camera Coach

"12 hours in these beauties day one. 6 years wearing Louise M. Thank you for yet another pair of gorgeous work heels." Brianna, Virgin Australia Cabin Crew

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